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Oh Bess, I am sorry to hear about the dresses no longer fitting. What's funny is that I've lost weight while working at the library. I guess it's pushing all those carts around.

I am making all attempts to quell any jealously in my house now. Guenevere arrived yesterday.

The garland would be perfect for you, especially when you're storytelling.

By Blogger erica, at 11:32 AM  

Loved seeing pictures of all your wheels -- Bella is truly Belle of the Ball, though!

The garland would be perfect for your storytelling, no?

I've got to go browse the Carolina Homespun website -- somehow I missed that booth at MS&W?

By Blogger Mary, at 1:46 PM  

I totally feel your pain re: WW. I'm having much the same problem, especially now that I really do need to wear actual business appropriate cloths during the day. ugh.

If I figure out how to cultivate the right kind of determination, I'll let you know, right now I'm in the whiney place too.

By Blogger Heidi, at 4:04 PM  

I, too, feel your pain... I finally managed to pull myself out of the whiney place and have been OP with WW for 2 weeks now (even tho I have not started meetings again - will be waaay too busy until after "THE WEDDING"), so if you need someone to cheer you on, listen to your whining, etc. Just know that you are not alone.
(Gack - cameras - they really do not lie, do they?)

Oh, and Bella certainly lives up to her name. I get happy every time I think of you getting your fondest fiber-related dream! And, you certainly deserve her.

By Blogger Carolyn, at 8:50 PM  

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006  

I don’t think either HeyBaby or KittyBoy are jealous of Bella. I hope not, anyway, because I expect I’ll need to use them both often enough and if either is resentful my spinning may suffer. And do forgive the anthropomorphizing, ye doubters. It’s okay with me for you to say “Oh you can’t spin on the other wheels because you’re out of practice on them.”

I really want KB to be my traveling wheel because he is just the right size to fit in my little Japanese car. And HB has pride of place as the first spinning wheel, so she never has to worry about being supplanted. All you second children out there will know of what I speak - for no matter how successful you are, you’re never as big as a big brother or a big sister. It just ain’t gonna happen. I expect my little birdies to all agree. What I expect to suffer will be my knitting - certainly during the hot summer months. Wool in your lap is a real turn-off when you live in a swamp. Ahh well. I will just spread myself as thinly as I can and shrug my shoulders at any complaints. I don’t knit for a living, nor do any other fiber craft. It’s fun or I shan’t do it at all.

I have no personal fiber news today because yesterday started with early library meetings and ended with late WW ones. The good news is that after 2 weeks of Fried Festival Food, Birthday, Mother’s Day and Party eating I hadn’t gained any weight. The bad news is that over the past 2 years I have gained weight and photographic evidence of it is in my purse. It will be seen by no one but me unless digitally remastered to eliminate the most embarrassing evidence. I would like to say the relief of not getting even fluffier inspired me to recommit to Healthy Living but I can’t. Inside is only a whiny plea for good luck, and that doesn’t usually bring the desired results. Let us all hope that I can find determination and inspiration somewhere in the stars, the gym, the kitchen or who knows - around some obscure and non-food related corner in the days ahead. Not a single one of my favorite summer dresses buttons at the moment and I am too broke to buy new ones even if I were inclined to backslide into a size ___een.

But there is fiber news - thanks to
Absintheknits. I simply must make one of these!

posted by Bess | 7:21 AM