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I've been dying to go to that Hay-on-Wye book festival ever since I first heard about it. Part of me knows I should never go, though -- I have WAY too many books as it is! But doesn't it sound heavenly? One of these years, if I can find a fellow book lover to go with me....


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Sunday, May 14, 2006  

Hello Meredith! I remember you. I remember you asking if I were Jennifer. Thank you for the compliments. If J ever wants to fire me I’ll use you as a reference! (insert laughing smiley face here) I’ll be delighted to see you at the next fiber festival. She is off at the New Hampshire one this weekend but I’ll be with her in the fall at the Fall Fiber Festival in Montpelier.

And for you pictofiles - I promise, I swear it - P R O M I S E. When I have both a car and the disposable camera on Monday I’ll go to the 1-hour guys and then post pictures late in the afternoon. Promise. Cross my heart and spit.

So. How about some fiber stuff?

I took Bella outdoors yesterday into the emerald green blue sky world and finished up that blue superwash. It spun up to 236 yards. boo hoo. I’d been spinning on a spindle with it and I’m not even sure where that first hank is. This skein is not enough for a pair of socks. Maybe a hat? I do have plenty of other rough superwash braids by J - she gave me 4!!! and I'd be tempted to begin right away on another colorway only some silk top she dyed over a year ago that I either bought or earned as a booth babe sang out to me and ooo la la --- it is on the 24/1 bobbin right now. Goodness that is one fast spinning wheel. And it's solidity makes it possible for the high speed to feel like I'm spinning at 11/1. Nice nice nice. I will become the lace-weight queen.

And making 2-ply on a Golding is different from plying off bobbins on a separate lazy kate. It is, I believe, better, but I'm not yet sure. I haven’t mastered it yet. It seems to be better due to the way the singles travel through the brass roller at the base of the wheel. You have lots of control and can swap off right hand or left for the forward hand. It's a little like using circular knitting needles: Everything is centered in front of you.

Of course, this just may be how it is with double treadle castle wheels. But it's a new and rewarding adventure for me.

BD and I went to see Poseidon last night. I saw the first one waaaaay back in the dark ages when I played in the Richmond Symphony. The timpani player asked me to join him one Christmas when I was lonely and blue and feeling very sorry for myself. And I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, went home alone to my apartment and felt lonely and blue and sorry for myself and scared out of my wits. After all, this is the gal who invented the game Shipwreck!

This one is about as good or bad as the first. You pick. If you never want anything to ever ever change, even the slightest micro-nano-bit you won’t like the movie. If you are secretly ashamed that you loved the first one, you’ll love this one too. My only complaint was that all three of the women in the movie were ... bitches.

Really. This is a misogynists portrait. The snot-faced twenty-something daughter of Kurt Russell with her “You can’t tell me what to do anymore I’m All Grown Up and by the way take me and my doormat boyfriend on a New Years Eve cruise and I don’t have to take this any more” lines - am I supposed to feel sympathetic to this twerp? And the throwaway stowaway who is hurrying back to New York to see her brother in the hospital but is BoredBoredBored and starts walking around the galley looking for SomethingToDo? Even the somewhat slightly better maternal role, who doesn’t overdo it when all disaster hits, has a Cut You Down To Size flirting technique in spite of her gussied up like a New Year’s Eve pick-up outfit.

What is it with nasty women? For that matter, what is it with anybody who’d like to be associated with the term stitch and bitch? Knitting and complaining? I thought knitting was supposed to make you happy? I can see being a stitchey bitch in some garment sweatshop in a New York tenement, but in your living room? Huh?

Major disconnect going on here.

Something really sad has happened when all the motion picture men are too pretty and all the women are bitches. Something extraordinarily juvenile too, when the only lines are put-down lines. I am sure this is aimed at the 14 year old audience, but it wouldn’t be a remake if they didn’t hope to lure in us old guys too, and we have all calcified enough to expect at least one woman to be both courteous and reasonable and to display integrity at least up to the moment when everyone is about to die.

So - to travel to a Better Place, I suggest you plan your next May vacation - just after your jaunt through West Friendship MD - so that it can take in this.

It looks like the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival for Books - in Wales!

I bid you all a happy Mother’s Day, be you spouse, mother or child.

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