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So sorry about your ankle, Bess! Ouch! Only good thing about it is the guilt-free knitting time, huh?

Re: comments -- not that I get 100 per day either, but I now get more than I used to, and I think it's because I also read and comment regularly on others' blogs, and not just the "famous" bloggers. But, I'm not sure I'd want 100/day, either, because that usually means more work for me, which I'm not interested in. Many of the 100-comment-per-day blogs seem to be hosted by people who host popular knit-alongs (Lolly's Project Spectrum, for example) or who regularly have contests (Cara's "January One"), and as fun as those might be, I just don't have the time for all that. I'll also never be as cute and witty as Crazy Aunt Purl or the Yarn Harlot, and I'll never have mad knitting, spinning, dyeing or design skillz like many of the more popular bloggers out there, and I'm okay with that, too.

I do know that my hit counter started to go way up after I was added to the knitbloggers webring. On peak days I'll get 100 hits, but still only a handful of comments. Again - I don't mind. It's nice that anyone reads it, ya know?

It also helps to do like you and post regularly to Knitter's Review forums with the blog in your email signature. I try to do that on the Knitty board, but definitely don't write as frequently as you do on KR.

I will always try to "keep it real" by reminding myself of my original purpose for my knitting blog, which is to be an electronic documentation of my knitting projects, which is really just for my benefit. Any readers are pure bonus, in my opinion, but a lovely perk, all the same. I've made some great friends through this form of communication!

By Blogger Mary, at 8:45 AM  

Hello, Bess

I'm one of your "silent readers" - I look for you every day, but almost never comment. I'm not a blogger myself and I guess I'm "blog shy". And I am the opposite of ENFP - is that ISTJ? Anyway, I think your blog is just lovely - you have a wonderful way of expressing yourself that almost always has me nodding in affirmation. Wish I could visit you in person, but I'm

Carol in Southern Oregon

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:31 AM  

Hello, Injured One. Hope your ankle mends quickly -- but not so quickly you can't get in some good knitting/reading time. Up here it's Victoria Day. Canada, apparently, is the only country in the world that still celebrates Her Majesty's birthday -- on the Monday closest to May 24th each year. It is a holiday you'd love, full of fireworks and barbeques and laid-back reading on loungers, and gardening, and toasting the Late Great Queen with whatever, and listening to great music, and of course, knitting. May you have a happy one, and be regally treated, as befits your injury!


Elizabeth Bennet Too

By Blogger Margaret, at 3:09 PM  

Hi Bess! This is Glenn of Warsaw, so....a Riverknitter who happened across your blog via a Google of 'Virginia knitting blog'. Imagine my delight when I saw something familiar. I know you have an active knitting group over there. As my last day of full time work is Friday - going into private practice social work - I hope to drop in to your group sometime. I, too knit, spin three times a year, hook, bead, jewel, dye, sew, etc. I first came upon blogs through Yarn Harlot - now I'm hooked. However, I wished for more familiar landscape - voila! My earlier post is my first time ever! Though slow by nature, I hope to stay in touch. P.S. I'm an ENFJ - can you tell?! I loved the Greer Garson version of P & P - okay anything black in white in fact. Always love Greer's characters - so does that make me Elizabeth - God only knows that I speak too freely! Will eventually see the 'code' - all the college girls want to see 'Amelie' in another feature film; all us mothers want to see Tom...
Feel better soon,
P.S. nothing hurts worse than a sprain - knitting needles fit nicely inside an aircast for an itch!

By Anonymous Glenn across the river, at 6:30 PM  

Oh, you and those ankles!

My first thought was that you'd gone so crazy on Bella you'd really worn yourself out... but either way I hope you're up and spinning again soon!

By Blogger Amie, at 6:34 PM  

Hi, Bess! Sorry to hear that you have had yet another mishap with your ankle. Nice to have a long weekend, though! :)
Yes, I do score over on the "I" side of the scale. Perhaps that is why you don't often get to hear from me.
I agree with your comments on the Summer IK - overall a very nice issue. I would really like to spin and knit the Icarus shawl. A few of the other things, too.
KathyR (from NZ)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:08 PM  

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Monday, May 22, 2006  

Hello Glen across the river. I’m delighted you commented. I’m utterly fascinated with your signature - are you across my river or across some other river? Are you a guy or a gal or just a lovely sweeping valley nestled between tree covered mountains? Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed that lengthy review. Alas - I don’t get t.v. where I live so I have never seen any of the knitting episodes of any of those good craft shows.

And it is that I don’t choose to get t.v., mind now. My neighbors all pay for the antennas and satellite dishes. I get sucked into the media vortex enough with just videos and DVDs, so I’ve chosen to pass on the immediate-media of television.

And speaking of comments - I will confess here that I suffer from the worst case of CommentEnvy. My mind boggles when folk have 10 or 20 or 30 comments as a regular thing. I can’t imagine what it must be like to get 135 comments in a day - I wonder what sort of person attracts that sort of attention. And I know it doesn’t mean that I am not that 1950’s goal of all southern belles - Popular - but my statscounter will say that all these folk visit each day and ... a busy comment day at ThePalace will be - what - 4 comments. So either all my readers score way over on the I column of the Myers Briggs personality test or those satcounter hits are generated by spam programs and when they can’t post a comment because they can’t parse the code they just leave those silent footprints.

I shouldn’t care about not getting dozens of comments, and mostly I don’t. But I always welcome new ones.

And Miss Mary - howdy to you too. That movie will do just fine on a DVD. It doesn't really need the big screen. I didn't think Silas, the killer, was scary enough, either.

Here’s something a good (and frequently commenting) friend has come up with:

This blog-along comes courtesy of E. My first thought was “Hey Cool!” and I signed up right away but on further reflection - well, this blog is pretty much a “day in my life” sort of thing. I wonder if it’s just utterly too egotistical of me to spread Me-Talk about like that. I still think it’s a cute idea and it provides an outlet for the non-blogging population. I’m going to leave the button up on my sidebar at least through June 15.

And as for the days in the life of this knitter - well - yesterday was spent with another sprained ankle, propped on a pillow and wrapped with ice packs. Yep. Hit the ground again - when will I ever learn to walk instead of flop down the road. This time I had on shorts, so the other leg got pretty skinned up. I will spend today in the same position - not because I’m so badly injured - it’s a minor - a truly minor - sprain. I could go to work and hobble about. But why? I’m way past any false sense of essentiality. I can do all that I really needed to do from home via phone. There is staff enough to cover a quiet Monday, which I am sure today will be and I have fortylevendyhundred hours of sick leave.


I shall knit today. Perhaps something lusciously silky. And watch Elizabeth Bennet laugh her way into love.

posted by Bess | 7:40 AM