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"Unimportant is the question 'Will I ever wear a lace shawl if I knit one?' Who cares? It’s lace!"

My sentiments exactly! I love knitting lace, and though I wear my efforts only occasionally, I long to knit more. It's the process!

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Thursday, May 25, 2006  

Guess what is in my stash? Enough laceweight mohair yarn to knit the Icarus Shawl in IK’s summer ‘06.

I buy tons of yarn and fiber. I buy what I like and buy enough to make something even if it ends up having to be a hat. What there never seems to be enough of is yarn to make something someone else designed. I know I can make a hat with 200 yards of any worsted weight yarn. I can make socks from 400 yds or sock yarn or a sweater from 1000 yards of sweater yarn ... I am short-waisted remember - you get from my hips to my ribs way sooner than most patterns think you should. But you get the idea - I don’t have tons of odd balls picked up from sale bins that will make nothing nor refuse to play well with other yarns. That was why, when I tried to winnow my stash I couldn’t get rid of anything. I love it all and can use it all somehow.

But seldom does it turn out that I can use what I bought on a hot summer afternoon because it was lace weight mohair at 250 yds. for less than $5!! to make up a pattern in a book or magazine.

So - I am one step closer to knitting a lace shawl. I have all supplies and equipment. Will I ever have the time? More important - will I ever use that time to knit one?

Unimportant is the question “Will I ever wear a lace shawl if I knit one?” Who cares? It’s lace!

And speaking of lace - Interweave is a little stingy with photos of their magazine contents but here is that crocheted poncho (ugh) that would make such a fabulous skirt (yum!) to wear over a silk (en) tiered under-skirt.

Crocheted in rayon or glittery stuff or Euroflax or even cotton - you would be the center of attention at any dress-up occasion. The younglings would think you were way-cool and your contemporaries would be envious and you would feel princessfairylike. I think I feel a magazine purchase coming on - for who is going to be driving to the city tomorrow? Yes yes! B&N - here I come!

On the dining room table are 8 heaps of color and softness - a lovely purchase from Linda Dyak 2 summers ago. 8 oz of carded wool. 4 colors - rich brown, warm red, M&M tan and golden yellow. The 8 heaps, two of each, will be further divided into an equal number of handfuls of color which I plan to spin in sequence into sock yarn. When plied they will match part of the time and blend part of the time. Their destination - socks - on my feet.

I even had the idle thought yesterday, that perhaps I ought to knit socks all summer long - to empty out all the sock stash.

But I am too flighty for something that dedicated. It is is ehough to keep to my no fiber vow. While that is not turning out to be so difficult, it is as much strictness as I want to inflict upon myself. And flighty thoughts are alright just so long as I leave the check book at home and don’t pull out the Visa card.

Today is my Friday, for tomorrow I head off to the city. A family morning and a friend evening is a grand way to begin a holiday weekend. Feeling pretty soft about life today.

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