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Sunday, April 30, 2006  

Your Week Ahead
A "Trine" is not just something that runs on an Australian railway line! To an astrologer, it's an angle of 120 degrees between two planets. We call it a 'Trine' because it 'TRIsects' (or spans one third) of the zodiac. Such alignments are considered very auspicious. You can't always, though, actually see them taking place. This week is special. It allows us to see both Mars (at its most visible on Tuesday evening near the moon) and Jupiter (much higher and brighter). The two planets are forming a trine will culminate next weekend. If you've got a sincere, heartfelt wish, now is a good time to tell the cosmos about it!

This is a gift from MrHorroscope to us all! It’s appropriate since next weekend is the Mother of All Fiber Festivals in lovely Howard County Md. You, gentle readers, will hear me natter on about it for the next 6 days (counting today) and then silence will fall as I load up my car and head Nawth. Once arrived I expect to go into automatic frenzy overload and buzz through the next 2 and a half days with my heart pounding, my nose twitching, my mouth watering and my ears ringing. Exhausted, I’ll s-l-o-w-l-y drag myself home late on Sunday and collapse into bed. So it shan’t be until Monday or Tuesday that I am at the semi-normal state that is your usualQueen, blogging in the morning. You can be sure, I’m staying home both those days to savor the thrill of all my fair shopping and friend-shipping. Since this year MS&W takes place just before my Tuesday knitter’s group I’ve invited them all to my house for dinner and to see the loot. (see list)


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