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When my yarn stash is feeling neglected I always remind it and myself that it's fine just the way it is. It's purpose in life may be just to let me admire it and fondle it and imagine what I might knit with it one day. It really doesn't have to ever grow up and be anything else but beautiful yarn. Also, it's good for sharing with friends. Jane

By Blogger jane, at 9:30 AM  

My "throw-the-book-across-the-room" moment with Da Vinci Code was the ridiculous scene in Mr. Hip's friend's library where the friend reveals the "true" (in my opinion, total B.S.) meaning of the "Holy Grail" to BeautifulBlonde. (Was she really blonde in the book? I always pictured her as a brunette, perhaps because I already knew who the actress playing her would be).

I agree - it's all quite farfetched (fiction, after all), but will make for a fun movie.

His prequel, "Angels and Demons", is even more outrageously farfetched.

I have to agree with you about having Core Stash just for admiration and fondling purposes. My hank of Prism "Wild Stuff" is in that category, although I do want to knit it up one day, perhaps into a Möbius, if I have enough yardage.

By Blogger Mary, at 10:07 AM  

And speaking of sea disaster stories, (were we? no, I just saw the book you're reading in your sidebar), have you read "Perfect Storm"? That's a real page-turner. I read that before the movie came out and was so happy when they cast George Clooney (yum!) in it.

By Blogger Mary, at 10:50 AM  

I read that book while I was at Graves Mountain a couple of years ago. You remember, that time when we got to meet in person. I don't recall ever having read anything more atrocious but it's all I had with me. Deus ex machina is one thing but so many in one book? Totally preposterous and a phenomenal waste of time. Next time I'm just going to bring some knitting books.

By Blogger Larry, at 1:02 PM  

I found it far more paletable by simply skipping the scenes with the albino. I remember halfway through his first chapter saying "yeah, I get it, he's bad. Bad. I'm clear on that." Blech.

By Blogger Amie, at 9:45 PM  

Yes, but the point is - he's supposed to be a visual threat in the movie - who cares in the book? The whole book had screen play scrawled -- in blood -- all over it.

Gotta have a reeeealy scary killer.
Gotta have a reeeealy hip hero - but brainy.
Gotta have a reeeealy BeautifulBlonde - even if she wasn't a blonde.
Gotta have stupid policemen who don't just arrest someone but play cat with mouse games then run off after red herrings.
Gotta have everything that looks good on the BigScreen.
Don't gotta have anything that makes sense in real life. It's a Moooooovie, daaahling.

And of course, other point is that nobody on earth but me cared about the incongruity of a man whose life is threatened being sidetracked by invisible ink messages. go figure.

Good thing the flip side is equally true - it's also the little details that count when I like a book.

By Blogger Bess, at 8:58 AM  

I'm probably the only person left on the planet who has yet to read either book!!! So maybe I'll save time and go see the movie? Or better yat save time & money & wait for it to come on HBO!

By Anonymous Isobel, at 9:29 AM  

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Thursday, April 20, 2006  

When I read a book, since it’s me, it’s mine, my time, my mind, and my private little world of complete honesty, I indulge in every freak of fancy, every whim of emotion, each prejudice, each stubborn expectation, every little breeze that blows me hither or yon. It is the great proof of intellectual freedom, that one can read and decide for one’s self - as many times as one wants. One no longer need parrot back only the answer you know the teacher wants to hear. Thus - when, in the Da Vinci Code, Mr. HipCoolPopular-with-the-Youngsters, but OhSoSmartToo hero is wakened in the night by a GrimPoliceInspector, taken out to the Louvre, where he’s shown a murdered man who has scrawled Mr.HCPw/tYbOSST’s name in blood, who’s interview with said GPI is growing steadily grimmer, but who is interrupted by BeautifulBlondOtherPoliceWoman, who tricks GPI out of the room, then tells Mr.HCPw/tYbOSST that he’s about to be arrested for murder, proves it to him by pulling a tracking device off his coat lapel, even though he’s hip and cool and all that, and street smart too boot, and throws it out a window and golleee it lands on a truck at the red light, and as soon as the truck pulls out the whole museum empties of police men, like ants fleeing a spray of Raid, and then she says “ you’ve got 35 seconds to get to the American Embassy and Oh Lookee Here, Gran’pa left me a secret message in invisible ink written on the Mona Lisa”

And Mr.HCPw/tYbOSST says “Hey, cool, I think I’ll take a look before I save myself”


That is when I throw such a book across the room in disgust, because you can’t be hip and cool and street smart and by the way, we haven’t been told he’s got a hero complex in addition to being hip and cool, and also turn out to be an absent minded professor, which is the only other explanation I can find for doing something that stupid. It just don’t happen that way.

It’ll make a good movie because what could be scarier than an albino weight lifting murderer stalking BeautifulBlondes? But it’s not going to suck up the hours of my life it would take to read it.

Likewise, I can just as easily be captured by a single moment in a book that I’ve been considering setting aside by something so insignificant, but so deeply personal that I’m utterly captured by the mind that could so move me.

In answer to Mary’s question, I haven’t yet rated Yarn Harlot, but I did get to the chapter where she divides her stash into categories and her words pricked a rich vein of speculation and inspiration flowing into my yarnish heart. I, too, want to go look at my stash in light of the concept of Core Stash - something I keep because it is beautiful enough in and of itself, something I keep for inspiration, for comfort, to please my eyes. That is where I am right now anyway. That’s what I am trying to do with the No New Fiber oath. And while I have made several inventories and done some considering about things, I have never looked at any of my yarn with the idea that it may already be a Finished Object.


When an author can make me different in some way, she’s a success and worthy of note. I’ll finish the book and give it my final rating, but I’m taking my time and reading several other books at the same time - and I like to swap out the sidebar pretty regularly, since I have so few photos and scans of my own work.

Ahh well. I’ve always been a better talker than anything else.

posted by Bess | 8:11 AM