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I also have a crazy list like that to get done before next weekend. It's all still in my head though -- I really need to write it down. Here's hoping for perfect weather and no pollen!

By Blogger Mary, at 5:15 PM  

How am I in such denial about when MDS&W is? I have two projects that I need to have done by then, and yet it still feels like a million years away....

Maybe because I've been waiting so long....

By Blogger Amie, at 9:31 AM  

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Thursday, April 27, 2006  

Well - I am following the weather for Frederick MD as offered by weather dot com guys. Sometimes they are very dead wrong but they do give you a 10 day out forecast. For Friday, May 5, set-up day, they are promising showers and for Saturday - scattered showers. The first time I went to MS&W it was a chilly gloomy-ish day with sprinkles of rain and they were full-up with attendees. The next year started out cold and grey but warmed as the day went on. The following 2 years it was warm growing to hot, and last year it was also dry and windy so that huge clouds of yellow pollen flew in all directions, but most especially up my nose, rendering me swollen, croaking and achy. I actually had to skip out at lunch-time, leaving J’s booth in the capable hands of S and M. So I’m not sure what I think about the weather forecast except that at least there shan’t be any pollen stuffing our heads.

What I know is that it’s less than 10 days to MSW and I am getting that clamp down the excitement feeling as I try to accomplish tasks I can barely remember I’m supposed to do. In the hopes of trying to get my act together for the next 8.5 days I’ve made/am making a list of ThingsToDo - not prioritized.

Finish inputting all bills for library
Do other library banking
Finish SRC brochure and get to printer
Finish Disaster Plan
Select and order DVD projector (shouldn’t be hard but is)
One storyhour
Host book club
Teach one spinning class
Invitations to party made/sent
Personal bookkeeping & bill paying
Car repair (Monday)
FOL dinner
Get LD’s birthday gift
Pet licenses - Or Else
Get story and storyboard to Mama
Oh God - Call P - P? I’m sorry! I’ve just been stupid busy!
Hair cut - this was supposed to be the month I went Short and Different but I’m getting cold feet now. Where did this old face come from?
And it’s after 8 so I can’t even take time to remember the rest. But this is a start and we shall just see A. how much I can get done and B. how much more there is that will remind me of its importance in the next few days.

La! I’m gone.

posted by Bess | 8:12 AM