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Wait until you read Yarn Harlot's story about counting up all her UFO's around the house. I found that disconcerting, and pray I never get to that state.

Does the no-fiber-diet mean you can't spin any yarn from roving you already have? At least that way you might get some sock-weight yarn which your hubby might like?

By Blogger Mary, at 8:52 AM  

Hmmm. I have a lot - they almost sicken me - I may skip her chapter on excess.

The oath is a No Purchases of Yarn, Fiber or Fleece - so yes, I can spin him - how about that pretty blue stuff I was working on before Sedalia?

By Blogger Bess, at 9:57 AM  

I'm also a heretic - I read excerpts from the Harlot's epistles and was not inclined to read on. I'm hoping she exaggerates for effect. Can I say here, among friends, that I am generally sick to death of all the books cashing in on the trendiness of knitting, whether they are "humor" or "spiritual" or whatever, and think this is a fad that needs to die?

By Blogger Catherine, at 7:33 AM  

Dare I post? I'm a "Harlot" fan. Try her blog. She's a prodigious knitter, a skilled one, and humble, too. She's still a bit star-struck from being a 'hit' in the Big Time (read: 'Modest Canadian Knitter Writes Funny Books and Tours in USA). I work for a cross-stitch designer in the same boat -- her patterns have 'taken off' in the US cross-stitch world, and she's still pinching herself.

Yes, I think there is some exaggeration as humour. But in Stephanie I see a loving mom and spouse, a busy one, who loves to knit and has developed a talent for writing funny stories about the craft and her experiences with it. Hers are quite different from those who write about spiritual connections to knitting, or lovely 'Chicken Soup'-type stories, or specialize in patterns and techniques.

So...*this* (also) modest Canadian knitter salutes another who has become celebrated for her writing on the subject!

By Blogger Margaret, at 9:42 AM  

I was happy for the Harlot and her first book. The second - okay, the first sold well, come back for an encore. But a third? I think the thing that pushed me over the edge was the shilling for yet another book by yet another knitblogger who shall remain nameless - it's a trend and people are cashing in, and I don't find their blogs that interesting so I'm not jumping to buy their books. But I'm okay with being a minority opinion on this. :-)

By Blogger Catherine, at 2:51 PM  

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006  

Thank you all for your warm comments. It surely was a wonderful weekend. I’m only now beginning to feel I have my feet back on the ground. A long, interesting, work related meeting in TheCity yesterday helped drag me back to the real world. I wonder if I can turn my mind back to Things Library now. There are a good dozen of those TL on my desk, not the least onerous being the phone call to the art organization who sponsored the art show we held last week - and who sent us the judge - who decided to award only a few ribbons in only some categories - for a home grown local arts show whose mission statement - posted on their enormous banner - is Art Is For Everybody. Not a single ribbon was awarded for the entire category of Youth 12-18!!!! What? Did that pompous self aggrandizing judge think she was in New York?

Anyway - reality beckons and since I am finished with teaching drop spinning to large groups and telling stories to strangers for a while, I can turn my mind back to knitting and wonder - what am I going to do now? I finished my first pair of socks for 2006 - alas, not the 2006th pair so no prize for me. I gave them to one of the Bedford Cousins. I am knitting on a long ribbed sock cuff for BD - but the yarn is woolease sport - probably going to be too thick’n’hot for summer wear. But all the rest of my sock yarn is girlie yarn and I am still keeping to my No New Fiber For 2006 oath.

It hasn’t been that hard, either. Slowly I’m beginning to get to that place I hoped I’d find in my relationship with yarn. I wanted to love beautiful yarn - the yarn I have first, and then the yarn I buy when I haven’t so much in storage. I wanted to value the things I once valued enough to purchase. Value them enough to actually use them. I wanted to be a knitter - not a hoarder. I have to laugh at this, since I’m reading Yarn Harlot and .... can I confess it without being burned as a heretic? Her second story, about knitting the wedding sweaters - and on the way to buying the needed yarn to finish one she stopped and bought 70 more balls of yarn at an outlet .... I have to confess. It sort of turned my stomach. 70?!? I don’t know about this. I may not be able to read the whole book. Sort of like reading the confessions of a drug addict - not pretty, not really funny and not anything I aspire to being, either. Well - I shall work to be fair and think of Literary Image and Color and continue a while longer and have every hope that I’ll enjoy the book as a whole.

But as to what I will do next - finish any of the UFO’s tucked here and there in the house - start something new - do nothing at all - I’m still a little fuzzy about all that. And it’s at that point that a pair of woolease socks for someone else are just the thing. Maybe this will be the pair that wins the prize, hmmm?

And yes - I do have thoughts on turning the story into a book - and for that reason, it’s only available in the oral version at the moment.

posted by Bess | 7:02 AM