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You will "wow" them, as usual!! Have a great and restful weekend.

By Blogger Carolyn, at 8:43 AM  

You'll see me on Saturday before you see this comment, but I send good juju your way. Here's hoping I can eavesdrop in on your drop spindle class and get a refresher course from. I'm psyched! And I will place money on the fact that weather-dot-com is wrong and we won't get rain during the day. (I'll also send a prayer or two heaven-ward for that result, as well).

Have fun with the cousins! See ya at Sedalia! :-)

By Blogger Mary, at 3:58 PM  

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Thursday, April 06, 2006  

Studding the long trek from child to adolescent, that approximately 3 years which equal roughly a quarter of a young girl’s life up to then, are a number of pivotal moments: That first bra, other body changes brought on by chemistry, the shift from socks to stockings, that first spritz of hairspray - the first time your mother lets you wash your own hair because she knows you care enough to get all the soap out. For this aurally motivated person, a supreme moment came for me the summer before I turned 12 - when I got my first (and perhaps only) transistor radio. I’m not sure it really was a Japanese Transistor Radio with one end that you stick into your ear and one end that you don’t stick anywhere because it’s broken - but it certainly fit the description, with it’s genuine leatherette case. On the cusp of pure teenagehood, what moved the most, leaving me weeping into my pillow at night, were the tear-jerker songs, the farewell songs, the she doesn’t love me any more. Who out there can fail to be moved by that poor fellow in 24 Hours from Tulsa, who can never, never, never, go home again? Never mind it’s because he picked up some floozy at a truck stop and then, I suppose, either knocked her up or got drunk and married her. That reedy tenor voice, piercing the night with pathos, begging to be forgiven had a guaranteed pardon from at least one teary eyed almost teen.

Farewell, Gene Pitney - thank you for years of happy heartbreak.

There is much that TheQueen finds useful out there in Internet-land today. Mr.Horoscope reminds me that if one learns from experience one becomes wise, but if one does not - one becomes bitter. I know this, but it’s worth remembering these days. I have lots of experience going on in my life.

The inaccurate predictions of weather dot com are additional experiences I ought to learn from as I head into a fiberfilled weekend. After how many weeks of drought? we are predicted to get rain on Saturday. Bah! I say to the weather dot com guys. Bah! and Pish! and Ha! They have promised so much unfallen rain this spring, I have no faith in their Saturday forecast.

I have not made the costume for my story telling portion of Saturday’s events. After more research and more dithering and more thought, I am not ready yet to make the shift from story telling to living [fictionalized] history. That will come. I think it will be a more fun way to present the stories, but the background history has to be accurate even if the character I’m playing is made up. This caused me to rearrange the story sequence, but not to have to actually change the program any. And I always had something appropriate to wear, just not a costume. So, this summer I will put in more research, more design and more sewing and come next autumn, I’ll have both options available.

I am skipping out of town today leaving one of the biggest library events of the year in the capable hands of my staff and volunteers. Each year we sponsor a county wide art show as the precursor to a regional art show held 2 counties away. We fill the library with paintings, photography, drawings, and crafts. 2 judges come in on Friday afternoon and select the winners, and at 5 on Friday we host a Grand Opening Reception. This year the Junior Women’s Club is co-hosting the reception with us, bringing and serving refreshments. I’m particularly excited about this since they’re so young and enthusiastic and fresh. They make all of the library staff - of which I am the youngest!!! - feel enthusiastic and fresh too.

But I shan’t be there and I see a secret gleeful happiness in my assistant since this means she gets to be head hostess. Kinda cute and she will do a capable, if different job.

I, happily, get to spend 3 nights with the Bedford Cousins of The August Family Reunion - hands down the favorite away cousins in my life. And on the way home I can stop by for a short visit with Mom and Dad. Not bad for one queen with several crowns to wear. I am not sure if I’ll have a chance to post again before Monday, though, but I gratefully accept all good vibes, good juju, good white light and friendly good wishes for a successful weekend.

Ta now.

posted by Bess | 8:03 AM