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Of course, you could always spin the dog hair into yarn and knit something with that, but then we might need to lock you up afterwards! ;-)

By Blogger Mary, at 2:53 PM  

In fact, I have spun Priss' fur and plan to spin them all - but just ... not this year. I have enough fiber already.

By Blogger Bess, at 3:10 PM  

Honey bun,
Like you, I spent time this past week-end in a cleaning mode. Cleaned a goodly part of the kitchen, vacuumed the 1st floor, clean rugs down, laundry.
Am glad for you that you all have some 2X per month cleaning help - momma mia, house cleaning is hard work.
And usually not my 1st choice for how to spend some down time either ^..^

By Blogger Martha, at 5:42 PM  

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Monday, April 24, 2006  

I got the house sparkling and it was such a monumental task, it being 3-dog shedding time, that I was too tired to do the paperwork. That can be done tonight - or tomorrow - at Tara. But the treat of moving from one room to another, full of gleaming surfaces, slicked off baseboards, laundry room sans overflowing baskets, white counter tops, and flung open windows is one of such surpassing joy I have been happy for hours. I’m sure I even slept better for knowing that the drifts of fur/dust beneath my bed had been sucked deep into the disposable cavern of the vacuum cleaner bag.

I am not particularly fond of housecleaning. I gladly pay The+$MS to put things to rights twice a month. I am fully capable of not seeing clutter, dirt or crud if I don’t have time to do anything about it. But neither do I hate housework and in spite of the drudgery of it, I a deeply aware of how valuable both the task and the results are. She who cleans does not lose things. She who cleans has power over the rest of the occupants of the dwelling. She who cleans stokes her memory so that she forgets not the precious moments that fostered all those souvenirs, photos, trinkets, books, maps, and other paraphernalia of Days Gone By.

So I count Sunday a successful day. And after all the work, I spent a sweet half hour combing thick undercoats from squirming dogs. At least, two of them squirmed or shuddered with stoic misery. Jack simply adores being fondled in any fashion, including de-furring. Socks is almost finished with her spring shed and Priss has yet to begin, but I am being systematic about dog combing this spring. Usually I wait till they begin to litter the house with tufts but by then they also smell bad. This year I determined to begin early, comb a little each day and see if the
Tortoise&Hair approach isn’t a little sweeter. Although - as I typed that I suddenly realized that I have also yet to have a spring allergy attack - so I haven’t minded working with fuzzy, not yet smelly dogs. So in part, this is the first spring since 2002 that I’ve been able to attempt a slow and steady approach.

So - Fiber news:

It constantly amazes me how thin one has to spin the singles if one wants lace weight. The beautiful mohair/merino/stuff blend I spun up for J; thin, worsted, and drapey - something that surely had to be lace weight - turned out to be somewhere between sport and dk once it was dry. It knitted up beautifully into a soft lace pattern - looks very shawlish to me - but it is not "laceweight". I have half of it left and I am wondering if I want to spin it thicker or try yet again to hit "laceweight". No big hurry on it. I can’t begin till AD (After that Danged paperwork). But I really do want to spin it more of a woolen spin so ... well ... we shall just see.

Here's a picture of the so-called laceweight lace.

That is the sum total of all fiber work done this weekend. Fur fiber removal took up most of my free time, sample knitting took up the rest.

And now it’s Monday. Good Monday to you all.

posted by Bess | 7:25 AM