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How do I love the postings of our Virgo readings? Let me count the ways.
And doesn't this one hit the mark? Glad you shared it.
Yes, our time w/close pals is a soothing balm for the spirit, an encouraging time for the soul & a loving time for our hearts. Thank you all.

By Blogger Martha, at 9:40 AM  

Chocolate? There was chocolate? I don't remember chocolate! (see how good I am at denial? In my world, the weekend isn't over, I'm still surrounded by you and fiber and fun and yes, chocolate...)

By Blogger Amie, at 4:13 PM  

Well, your weekend sounds wonderful -- I'm envious! Fiber AND chocolate? Are you sure you weren't in heaven? ;-)

Eagerly anticipating my drop-spindle lesson!

Oh, and I need a recommendation on ball-winder and swift, if you have any....

By Blogger Mary, at 11:41 PM  

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Monday, March 06, 2006  

You have lived through easier times. Have you ever, though, been in such a potentially rewarding situation before? You may think so. You may even think that there's nothing very satisfying about your current set of circumstances and it is unlikely they will lead to anything worth celebrating. You only feel that way, though, because you are fed up with a frustrating process. It seems as though this will never come to an acceptable conclusion. Ah, but it will. If you stick with it stoically and can manage to be gracefully good-humoured about a matter that secretly infuriates you, you may yet find that you start getting somewhere constructive - this very week

Now - when I first read this I thought -what? I’m just back from a fabulously relaxing, reaffirming, loving weekend with special fiber pals. I was welcomed home with open happy arms and squeezy hugs. Large dogs crawled into my lap and kissed my face. Best of all, I get to teach 11 people how to spin beautiful yarn with drop spindles this coming Saturday. Is there any reason I ought to feel frustrated with something?

Then I open up my email and there is the reminder from WW dot com that there is a scale upstairs I could get on and find out how much damage the beautiful loving fabulous relaxing weekend did to my efforts at - not just weight loss - but returning to that long lost weight. The one that allowed me to fit into that pretty red dress of mine. The one I wore for only a summer - the one that says "Bess" every time I look at it. The one that did not button last summer and would not do so today either.

Well. Hmm. Welcome back with the bump of reality I suppose. Happily, there was this trenchant message which I intend to use to help me follow Mr.Horrosocpe’s advice:

Rankin suggests putting things in perspective. Wherever you are, from this point forward it can become better or worse.

La de da. You are probably not interested in dark shadows over my horizon anyway, but rather on the warm sunset glow cast upon my fabulous, relaxing, reaffirming fiberish weekend - right?

The answer is yes. It was everything that is good. I got over my homesickness before I left - as I usually do. The drive was easy, traffic light, directions accurate and of course, the conversation never really stopped. When friends who see each other only rarely can get together face to face, the stream of conversation becomes decidedly like a spring freshet.

At S’s house, a beautiful place to be even if it were not a fiber weekend, we played the time away with her toys, interspersing that with live aid for J, helping her prepare stock for her booth at MS&W. Some of us did not even get out of pajamas all day on Saturday. Alas, entirely too much chocolate and pizza was consumed (by me, at least) and wine and more chocolate and a bit more wine so that all of Mr.Horroscope’s advice and all of WW dot com’s encouragement were more pointed, as their sharp tips penetrated the bulls-eye of my heart - or perhaps, my tummy. Ahh well. It is today at last and that can be the New Beginning with the possibility that I will still get to wear that wonderful red dress this summer.

Our host was a darling, quite stealable if we were not all already connected to Big Darlings. Our hostess knew what would make us happy (chocolate and wine and pizza and chocolate). It's really just too bad that words are so flat when it comes to saying thank-you. It is really wonderful that with good friends, flat words are enough.

I completed the handspun brim of the Aurora8 hat I wanted to display at this weekend’s spinning class. I’ve just about finished one of the fingerless gloves too - knit on #3’s, of the corriedale spindlespun. I will put them both up on the blog this week - either by scan or photo - but after I block them - not right now.

So. Let us hope the week ahead has frustrations only in the flab arena but is full of ease, comfort and pleasure in every other zone of my life. And for you non-Virgos - may it bring no frustrations at all!

posted by Bess | 7:14 AM