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Thanks for such a fabulous day, Bess. I had a blast!


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Friday, March 24, 2006  

Yesterday was such a sweet day with M. We met at the gardens, took a stroll around the place - which is mostly blooming with daffodils, but a few species tulips and some daphnes also. There was one forsythia, well leaved by this time, who fooled us both into thinking it was an exotic. Though most of the day was spent in talk and I tried hard to remember that I don’t have to do all the talking, we got in a first lesson in spinning while sitting in the huge glass conservatory - in the room where the electric train exhibit was set up - because everywhere else was humid enough to fog up glasses.

Lunch, btw, was very delicious and very elegant, at the garden’s own tea house - and if you ever get a chance to dine there do avail yourself. It was delicious. Except for the green tea gelato which I bought because of the ginger snap that came with it. I should have remembered that I don’t like green tea.

There was time after lunch for us both to go out to the fabric store, where I purchased some medium-light fabric to make a "costume" for my story program. I hadn’t toured a fabric shop in a long time and even then it was in the autumn, not the spring. The fabrics for springtime, even at a Hancocks Fabrics shop, are simply beautiful. Bit pricey, but no more so than the prices in yarn shops.

There just happened to be a big chain book store on the same strip so of course we had to check out the knitting books. Several I’ve been wanting to look at were on the shelves: Mason Dixon Knitting, One Skein, and a very good crochet book, but guess what popped into a shopping bag to come home with me?

A dear friend of BD’s had come down to do some historical research stuff with him and stayed for dinner. Just the other day BD had suggested we go somewhere and have chicken and dumplings - he couldn’t remember ever having them. He had, of course, but it had been years - decades, perhaps. So I surprised him with that for supper and the joke was, after he tasted them - which was after he had exclaimed "You have never made that before!", thus terrifying our guest, he remembered that I had - decades ago.

And now it’s very late for I didn’t sleep well last night. Time to get on the go. A sewing weekend up ahead? We shall see.

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