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Happy Happy Upcoming Anniversary to you! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am sure that you will have your costume ready for the Spring Fiber Festival! I hope to get to meet you.and see what you have created. I so enjoyed reading about...and then seeing the exquisite wedding dress that you designed and made last year.

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No, what does Wednesday mean? ;-)

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006  

Still no costume progress though I thank you all for your votes of confidence. There is a little bit of second sock progress and last night was WW, where, happily, there was a tee tiny bit of progress in that area of my life too. Not much for 12 weeks of effort but down is down - that’s my motto. Besides, for the squishy, body issues are ever with us.

I did some calculations yesterday and realized I shan’t have a 5 days in the office week till May 19th! What a thought. 3 and 4 day weeks for 6 weeks. About half of these days out of the building are work related and half are for fun’n’play, but no matter the reason for dragging me from the desk, there is still much work that must be done by mid-June and woe be me if it isn’t. So the days in the office are much fuller, more demanding than they were the first two leisurely months of 2006. Some days I can live up to their demands and yesterday was one of them. Everything was productivity, accomplishment and completion! Imagine that!

The biggest project I have up ahead is planning our summer reading activities. They’re always a fairly substantial part of the year’s work for us anyway but this year we’ve become ambitious and are targeting a second age group and attempting a bigger task. The state library picks a theme each year and funds some supplies that support it. For the most part we’ve always followed their lead because we’re not stupid - nor rich - and free stuff is free. Some years, the theme is so difficult to incorporate we might as well spent our $ on something we could really use, but we love this year’s theme: Once Upon A Time. We’re going heavily into fairy tales and folk lore. It’s no sad thing that that genre was my favorite as a child and still strums my heart strings now I’m past the half way mark.

Most of our kiddy programs are aimed at the elementary school child. They’re still biddable and ready to be pleased. We’ve dabbled in programs for middle schoolers but haven’t had much success. This year we are trying again, with a writing project where children will write and illustrate their own version of a fairytale or folk tale. Those who actually complete their book will receive a bound copy to keep and we will bind and catalog a copy for the library. Nobody has to finish the project, of course, but those who do will get a little prestige. We may even have a book signing ceremony at the library - or better yet - at the school library in September. hmmmm.

If this is successful we are considering doing a similar program in the fall for adults. A sort of "make your [grand]child his own book" activity - luring in stampers and scrapbook makers and other crafty sorts. Of course, the truth is, we are taking on this project because we all want to do it too and, why of course, staff must have a prototype for demonstration purposes. Oh the joys of being a multi-purpose librarian. As Fillyjonk says - you get paid to play with craft materials.

Planning is at about the 50% stage. Over the next 2 months we’ll have to scramble, since staff will also be taking some vacation time, prior to the big June’n’July push. And of course, I am part of that vacationing staff - for MSW is waiting up ahead for me, with all the frenzy and excitement caused by thousands of fiberistas all gathering in one place. So what days I am in the office, over the next few weeks, must be efficient, productive and carefully planned. Even today. Which is Wednesday. And we all know what Wednesday means.

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