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Love, there are far worse things to be searched out for... and maybe he learned a little something about bust darts or ruffles and pinafores?


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Thursday, March 23, 2006  

Oh. The world is so .. . so crazy!!

I have Statcounter on my blog and I can see what question people asked on a search engine that then offered them TheQueen as an answer. Most of the folk who get to LikeTheQueen via a search engine are looking for information about Queen Elizabeth I and if only they were to peek into the archives to read my first month of posts they would find out that - in the most roundabout way - the allusion is accurate. But last night, some poor soul typed in "Pictures of very flat chested women" on yahoo search and was tempted to click on this blog, just to see, you know. I imagine some ... well, some poor guy (nice euphemism, no?) and his disappointment when he clicked and found a blog devoted to ramblings about knitting! And the grandma image that must have flashed across the poor fellow’s brain.

Of course, that might not have been how it was at all - really - no no - not at all that sort of thing .... But it makes me chuckle just the same.

Enough. After what has turned out to be a much more challenging week than I thought it was going to be, I am treating myself to a sweet playdate in Richmond with M, spent, or at least, begun here. She and I share an Alma Mater, a home town, gardens and a love of fiber, but I have 10 years on her so I plan to lead her down the 'garden' path and into the spider’s web of drop spinning. We are both knitting socks right now as well, so it will be a fun twinsy sort of meet-up.

Later I have to slip by a fabric shop and see if I can find cloth I can use to make a costume - something approximating a gown worn by a 15th century spinner. The more I’ve contemplated my story telling, the more sure I want it to have the feel of time travel, the flavor of living history. I’d like to have it ready by April 8 and I ought to be able to meet that date. It doesn’t have to be a perfect, historicaly accurate costume - not this time around. In fact, I can still do a good story telling program without the time travel effect - but I believe it’ll be more entertainment and less lecture-ish if I make it a little more dramatic.

And that is all I have time for this morning. Gotta be on the highway soon if I’m to make a comfortable drive into the City.

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