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My daffys haven't even bloomed yet. Mostly we're still at green stalks, though a few have buds. It's their first year and I think they're rightfully ticked off at the weather we had this winter. Poor things... hope they wake up soon!

By Blogger Amie, at 7:33 AM  

Yes, everything hinges on something else...sometimes that's a very zen thing; sometimes it's just distracting. I saw a daffodil with a bud this morning. Finally!

By Blogger Jane, at 8:22 AM  

Nothin' much happening in my flower beds either. At least I finally got the leaves out of them.

I'll bet you'll get that dress done in one night, once the inspiration hits.

By Blogger Mary, at 10:00 AM  

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006  

It’s not so much that I’m busy - which I am, but no more than usual - but that I have dithered and procrastinated and not started on the costume - which makes me embarrassed to post. Stupid of me, since I already know I’m not a product oriented person. Right now my creativity is like one of those folk tales where - in order for the girl to get the pig to go over the style she has to go to the haystack to feed the cow to get the saucer of milk to give to the cat so he would chase the rat so he would gnaw the rope so it would begin to hang the butcher so he would begin to butcher the cow so it would drink the water so it would quench the fire so it would stop burning the stick so it would beat the dog so it would bite the pig so it would go over the style so she could get home before dark.

I am still working on the story part of the program, of course, trying to make it plus perfect. And till it is I can’t consider costumes.

And, like being one who is always cooking something new for guests, I am also a great one for improvements on programs I already know how to give. I do this at the library all the time, even though I already have tried and true routines worked out.

Must be a glutton for punishment.

It’s cold and dreary today and so dry now it would have to rain for 10 days to make a difference in the springtime. As a result, things aren’t coming out much. Daffodils, of course, are nigh on to finished, except the late varieties. Weeds, of course are flourishing, but not grass. My garden looks worse than ever and on Saturday, BD took down the old gum tree in the back yard and miscalculated the wedge cut so it came crashing down smack onto the arbor. That was a mother’s day gift he made me several years ago and truth to be told, it has always been a little too narrow. When we repair it I would like something more substantial, wider, and maybe with benches. And it’s a good excuse to whack the heck out of that climbing white dawn which was trying to eat the world.

The sock is moving forward nicely. And the pretty blue sock yarn on the spindle is - well - at least it’s the same color as S’s already spun and ready to knit sock yarn. And I am thinking of trying socks knit with Fixation next.

Early morning meetings are dragging me away. No complaints though. It’s a short week for me. Happy thought.

posted by Bess | 7:20 AM