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I guess I'm not the typical INTJ because neatness is NOT one of my virtues! I do like things organized, but my home is organized chaos. Wonder what that says about me? Probably just that I'm a slob! ;-)

By Blogger Mary, at 2:00 PM  

Same here Mary - I'm an INTJ all the way, and while I LOVE neat tidy organized spaces, I can't seem to ever manage to live in one for long. I do have to stop and clean big time every once in a while because I literally can not think or function or feel well in a messy space - yet I still can't achieve it. Oh well - I guess INTJs at least have the URGE for organization? (or in my case the NEED for it, but not the ability to achieve it?)

By Blogger Aria, at 7:22 PM  

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Thursday, March 16, 2006  

I’m back from the big city, shopping bagless: surprise. Usually one of the reasons I don’t mind going to workshops or conferences or board meetings is because on the way home I can shop - girl shop, mind, which doesn’t mean actually buying anything, but you know - just looking. When you live 50 miles from anything except a Wal-mart, browsing at a mall can actually be entertainment. Not something I’d do on a regular basis, but every month or so it’s kinda fun.

But downtown Richmond is so dug up and so convoluted and, I confess, so sad to me, with all it’s construction and high rise medical park university complex and convention center - it’s not interesting at all to be in and the very devil to get out of. I know, I know. Progress. Time marches. Yeah, yeah, yeah. My home town - really a big friendly small town - is now just ugly concrete.

So as I passed any of the turn-offs for shopping mystery I just kept those wheels parallel. Too bad, in some ways - I have to find a fabric shop sometime in the next week, unless the craft center of Wal-mart turns up something that roughly approximates homespun. I want to make a costume for the story telling part of the Spring Fiber Festival. I don’t have to have it - but the more I work on the program - a never ending project in itself - the more convinced I am that it ought to be done in costume. I shan’t beat myself up about this if I miss the deadline - I have fortylevendyhundred Other Things to do between now and then - but there is a weekend open on the 25-26 when I could whip something up on the sewing machine. (That’s for you, my dear Florence King fans.)

On the long drive over, and during lulls during the workshop I came up with a list of the things I would like to have behind me by January 1, 2007. Three things are sweaters knit up to a math problem - all of which are around the shoulders and neck. A 4th is the BSHP sweater that I set aside while I worked on some drop spindle ideas. If I were to finish them all up I would have a productive (for TheQueen) year indeed. Nothing like my INTJ friends who like things stacked neatly in their rows all finished and tidy, mind, but for an ENFP slacker, 4 garments would be high productivity. I would also like to spin up all the grey corriedale for the sweater I want to make of it. I’d rather do that than the Wall-0-Color spinning because that garment is not gelling into a shape for me. I know what I want, but I can’t see it yet. Besides, J&I decided we didn’t want to spin enough of anything to knit Ragnar, but would love spinning enough to knit Flidas II. That’s actually an easy sweater to knit - mostly it’s an EZ seamless circular sweater - just with the knitted in set-in sleeves.

I also need to knit socks. 4 pair are absolutes, though they aren’t needed till December, when I’m likely to attempt to knit garments for the entire world. But I believe I will devote the first week of every month to sock knitting and just see what happens. There were some other things on the list - it’s out in the car with all the rest of the paperwork from the workshop. I do so love making lists. The organizational exercise is so refreshing. The wild ego that conceives these images of TheQueen with production flowing off her fingertips is just so silly - but having ideas and plans, schedules and itineraries is valuable even for the completion challenged. In the end, we do get some things done and all in all - that is enough.

Tomorrow is another Crack - 0 - Dawn day for me so there isn’t likely to be a post - but then - one never knows. I may not sleep at all tonight and then I can come down and natter on about things.

Thank you for the compliments on the yarns, Erica. Those fluffs of novelty yarns really are fun to make and would you believe those poor quilters spend $5.00 on little cards with only a few yards of fluffy yarn wrapped around them? Spinning enough yarn for a sweater might not be timely for many knitters but whoee, it’s a bargain making skill for a quilter.

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