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Wish my Saturday was like your Saturday. Here's me -- killing myself doing yardwork while waiting for my yard guy who hasn't shown; meanwhile I have a dead car battery and am wondering how I'll get to the auto parts store for a new one....

Oh well, at least I'm not working! ;-)

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Saturday, March 18, 2006  

Hooray for Saturday!

Especially Saturdays that come in the springtime. Days of light and ease and soft new color. Days with unfolding time ahead of them because Someone Else cleaned my house for me. Days with a new sock cast onto the needles; the first sock of 2006, at that.

Days when the postman leaves a card in your box saying you have a package waiting for you - and you know it’s all the pretty new bathroom accessories you finally found in a catalog - On Sale!!

Days when you have 2 movies from Netflix you want to watch - and no parents to tell you you can’t watch television during the day.

Days when you are going to the grocery store and realize you don’t have to spend that much $$$ - and that BD has to go to town too so he will drive and you can knit on your socks!

Days when you know you don’t have any more gross invasive health tests left - that you have been a Good Girl and Acted Responsibly for once in your life.

Days when you have the time to write about the things you thought were important - but in the end, don’t get around to it.

Yeah - Saturdays are good.

posted by Bess | 7:14 AM