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I have never observed Lent but it always seems like a good idea. Although sometimes I think it might be more interesting to try and give up something for a year - more like making a lifestyle change. My New Year's goal was to complain less about life in general and be more positive. I tried to reaffirm it with the Chinese New Year and just because I felt like it last week. Maybe I'll use Lent as my reason this week. :)

And I understand the weepiness about leaving home for a weekend. I miss my husband on a normal day when he's at class or even work. In the year and a half that we've been married we've only spent one night apart.

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006  

The Full Moon eclipse takes place in your sign, promising you a March to remember. At the very least, now’s the time to do something radical to your image. At best, this is the time to take a giant leap of faith into the unknown as you head far, far away from a situation which has been slowing you down for too long. Be brave - go for it!

The Full Moon eclipse in Virgo also means this is a powerful time of turning points for you. These energies are not always easy to handle. What is happening now could lead to a fabulous future, even if it doesn’t feel like it (yet). Certainly there’s a sense that what’s changing now, has to alter, in order for you to end up headed towards what you’re really destined for. Try to trust God/the Universe/the Stars, even if it’s confusing.

Okay - this is for my special Virgo pal who I will see in a day or two - so just you remember - all the stuff you’ve been going through is going to put you where you want to be.

As for me - I have been extraordinarily unharnessed from the stars so far this year - or else I have been doing everything in miniature - because as I look back on the first 2 months of 2006 it has seemed like I’ve mostly taken it easy. The real Virgos I know have been awash in busy and change and mind stretching and adjusting. I, otoh, merely cleaned out my office - and I have not finished it yet - hence no photos yet - and a New Pile appeared on my desk yesterday while an Empty Shelf got books put on it. Both justifiable offenses to Clean Office Space but both with Removal Deadlines on them. One will be gone by tomorrow - one by March 16th. And the New Piles is merely one of the products of Work Room Clean Out. There is still energy left in my little Virgo heart to continue the reorganization efforts on into the workroom. I still have visions of a model of clerical efficiency churning out information magic for the citizens of Essex County with swift productivity.

What I know is that even the 25% we’ve accomplished in the work room so far has made a difference in the attitude of my staff. They didn’t like working in a pigsty either. There’s a sharper step, a brighter gleam in the eye, and prouder looking shoulders among everyone these days. Hooray for the Virgo Vision!

Alrighty tighty - now - what’s on the agenda for today. Well, of course, today is Wednesday, and Wednesday means story hour. Then, there is the weekend trip I am planning, with friends, to visit one of the group in the far away northlands. The trip has already got me weeping with pre-departure homesickness. Thank goodness I know I’ll have fun with these women and forget about my broken heart till I’m home again and wondering what was all the fuss about?

And then - it is Ash Wednesday and the first day of Lent. Like C, who is limiting recreational computer time,I think of it as that last fling of renovation before the long spring evenings beckon me outside to walk with the wheat dolphins. Mind now, Lent is not just for making (or trying to make) me betterrrrrrrrr. It is also to remind me that Another was asked to make a greater sacrifice and did. This is why I do the negative thing of giving up, often a bad habit, like C does, but sometimes a specific thing, rather than add a good thing to my life. Each time I feel the pinch of Lent I’m reminded that my complaints and suffering are pretty small compared to Another. Of course, there is the flip side to giving up a Bad Thing - which is adding the not-doing-bad-thing-ishness to my life. Hmmm. perhaps I ought to give up making up words for lent!

But to put you out of your anxiety about what my Lenten sacrifice will be - I am giving up all forms of complaint about bad drivers. And believe me, here in Virginia - there is a very special type of Bad Driver flooding the highways and byways. In Virginia, a red light means hurry hurry - butt your way on through before the moron on the intersecting street presses on the gas. In Virginia, passing in the right lane is the norm - because all the rest of the drivers want to drive just below the speed limit in the passing lane. In Virginia, if you are in front of me, you better just get off the highway because I do not intend to let you into my lane, no siree bob. No siree bob Junior! I am sure there are other places with bad drivers but they are not southern, where politeness used to be common currency.

Alas - I am sure the rudeness has come from outside, [insert smirky smiley face here] but it’s a strong force and I intend to combat it by not letting it suck me in. So. No more scowls. No more expletive deleteds. No more hidden nasty gestures. I intend to give up - with luck, forever - taking other people’s bad driving personally. I hope to gain two things from this. First is an inner calm and a Buddha like serenity as I resist the urge to speed up when I see the light turn red. Second, though, is to become a more careful driver myself. If I refuse to let the challenge of a bad driver spur ire within me, I am not going to do something just as stupid because I reacted like ... someone who is not from the south.

And each time I fail - which I am bound to do, no matter how hard I try to act Zen - I put $ into the charity box.

Woops. Almost 8 and no fiber content yet. Knitting news - the handspun yarn brim on the charcoal brown hat is almost done.

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