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Detritus - that is a good description for my current environment. I need to clean and it's so nice when it's done, but alas, inertia is stronger than any current motivator....

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006  

Dear Virgo kith & kin,

Is there something in your life you wish would take a permanent vacation? Some issue you wish were settled? Some habit you want to break? Something you want gone?

Then my dears, tonight, at 6:47 p.m. EST, as the shadow of the earth darkens the moon, write it down on a piece of paper and burn it up. Lunar eclipses are just the thing for ridding oneself of imps who trip your feet on the road to happiness. A lunar eclipse in your very own Mercury is just the thing for a Clean Sweep Virgo in this wonderful year of Life Clutter Removal. Think of this as just another lucky opportunity you can ignore - but why would you?

I have no fiber news today. I have no other news today either. Our Tuesday night knitting group meets tonight - we skipped last month because it fell on Valentine’s Day. This work week is packed because I will be out of the building 2 days - once for a conference and once for a long dr. visit. But life in the Clutterless Workroom is so much more efficient, we can do in 3 days what we used to do in a week. Everyone is happier with the broad sweep of tabletop, the toe room beneath desks, the elbow room as one passes from back door to front desk. A stern word about one spot which is (but has not been) maintained by someone else has elicited results of tidiness that soften my spirit as I step into my office. That spot, right by my office door, seemed to attract a particular sort of junkiness that crushed the beginning of every day. No More. Others know now that The Queen was Not Pleased.

But they are all happier too, now that there are blank spaces between projects, instead of continuous chaos. Most people like to feel like they have done a good day’s work. But the chances of even knowing if you’ve done a good day’s work in the midst of the detritus of the last dozen projects are mighty close to zero. Cleaning up your room is something your parents are supposed to make you do - when you’re a kid. Now I see that, at times, the Queen has to be mommy - which is fine by me. As I said - we are all happier at work now.

Hmmm - Rather a lot of words for someone with nothing to say. And if I am going to knitting tonight I better go gather up all my show and tell. Wishing you all Good Knitting.

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