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Tuesday, February 07, 2006  

Yep, Judy - I think I know more ENFP librarians than in any other profession besides Mother Of Toddlers. All that Possibility in a library. That opportunity for knowledge and understanding. Always coming up with ideas for programs and displays and knowing the secret story behind the Da Vinci code and already owning Holy Blood, Holy Grail because you thought it was an interesting idea back in 1985. All those bits and pieces and never having to really know the whole story - just the high points - just - where it’s shelved. Yep Yep - it’s the profession for the soul of an ENFP. Just so long as we can hire a bunch of SJ’s to put everything back, no?

So. Monday down and a trip to Richmond located somewhere in the rest of this week. Possibly Thursday. S has a birthday lunch coming to her and we are doing "research" at the state library.

I didn’t knit a stitch last night. I did spin a tad - some of the deep teal blue from my Wall-0-Color bag that matches perfectly some beads I have. I fear the excessive handling of the fibers in this bag of wool is causing some matting, because this stuff was the devil to spin yesterday. It will be a heavily textured yarn. That’s about all I can say. The beads will add only more facets of texture to it. It’s the smallest chunk of color I bought - wish I’d bought more - but there you have it. Truly an accent yarn for the swing coat I will one day knit with this stuff.

Hmmm. I thought I had some clever point to make, but it’s slipped away while I trolled other blogs. Oh . Yes! I remember!!

Especially for you Virginia readers, but for those of you who love fairy tales, have children, work in libraries, I want to recommend some perfectly marvelous films. They are live action American versions of Grimms Fairytales. They’re shot in Virginia and have a distinct Appalachian feel to them. They’re absolutely delightful. Quaintly written, performed by local actors, there’s a homespun feel to them that only adds to the real sense of the folk tale - the people’s story. With a delightful moral to tie everything up at the end. They’re simply magic.

The state library used to have a film collection which they lent out to libraries for their programs. These were brand new in the early 1990’s but almost immediately the library axed the film department, under Governor’s orders, mind, but with the banal observation that "You can get these movies on video now."

Bull. You could get Debbie doing Dallas or the latest Disney animated insult, but you sure couldn’t get high quality children’s films on video. It was necessary, of course, to slog into the technological future, but there was a long dry spell when I couldn’t find these films. Then one day I found my favorite, Bearskin, available from our main book jobber and on its box was the producer’s web address.

So - if you have any reason to need fairy tale films; for your kids’ birthday parties, for your secret fairy tail heart, or for any reason you could think of, do go either to your public library and insist they purchase these films, or buy them yourself. Available on VHS or DVD.

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