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Thursday, February 16, 2006  

Woops. Late again. Not much time, and no literary inspiration anyway. It’s funny how one week can feel so leisurely and the next can feel so busy, even if there’s not much difference between them. Probably the only real difference is that I sent a bunch of e-mails this week, so when I finally get around to the blog I am lexicographicaly spent.

I’ve been drop spinning some wonderful corriedale wool (said that yesterday, didn’t I?) and I started plying it last night. Usually my drop spinning has less twist than my wheel spinning - obviously it’s easier to treadle more than to twirl - but this is fairly thin yarn so perhaps that’s what put the extra twist into it. Well - no way to give an accurate description of it till it’s been wet set but that might be by tomorrow. I have no way of knowing how much yarn there is because I’ve always used this spindle for samples. It looks like about 100 yards, though.

I’m moving down the lateral files in the Great Office Excavation Project. Some files haven’t been gone through since 1992 - in fact - that seems to have been some sort of pivotal year. I'm finding all sorts of things from that year, all neatly organized. I even found my diary/notebook from 1992. One of the resolutions in January of that year was .... Clear away the clutter. Evidently I did so - but forgot about it in succeeding Januarys. 14 years later I am doing it again. Perhaps, while I’m at it - I’ll set up a "clear it out" time table so I don’t make the same cozy and comfortable mistakes again.

The order from Quill came in yesterday - with the Pendaflex hanging file boxes. I’m scribbling down ideas for a new file system and have decided each drawer will be for different types of things. One for just plain library administration - personnel, budget, bills, etc. One will be for building related things - service contract documents, furniture info - you get the picture. One for Collection Development - where the catalogs will go too. Anyway - that’s the idea. Nobody ever taught me filing and though I’ve read books about setting up filing systems - like knitting patterns - they never seem meant to fit me.

When I’ve gotten to the last file drawer, I’ll have completed the entire office. Then we hit the workroom.

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