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Drat - I was hoping the skeinwinder wouldn't live in the office and I might *cough* adopt the poor homeless thing... ah well.....

and in a quick glance at your side bar I thought you were reading a book called "The Sweater In the Juice" (obviously a horror story)

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Saturday, February 18, 2006  

Thank you for the compliments. I’m extremely pleased with this yarn and madly in love with the fiber. I’m setting aside any sweater knitting this weekend to make up the fingerless gloves. I’ve a few yards of pretty pinky lavendery merino that was also spindle spun and I think I’ll use that to knit a wee bit of trim at beginning and end and perhaps embroider a lazy daisy inside the middle of a diamond cable - since there is only 100 yards of the grey. Together they ought to be enough.

I am also playing with a bag of little bits and pieces of handpainted fibers. They’re from my earliest efforts at dyeing and they’re mostly, though not all, bits of merino. Merino does want to felt and I was new at the process, so a lot of these pieces are pretty stubborn about not drafting. While fiddling around on Wednesday I experimented with making rolags out of them, in random colors, and spinning them on my drop spindle. I was surprised at how little difference I could see between the yarn made from the roving and the rolags. Both of them had little dots of colors popping out and the rolags were much easier to draft. Granted, I didn’t over blend the colors when carding, but I was surprised that there remained so much color definition. Since the main reason these bits and snips and 2 foot lengths are still in a bag was because they were so durn hard to draft - their fate is sealed. Rolags they shall become - and then yarn.

I didn’t quite finish the Great Office Excavation this week but I sure came close. Four file drawers are completely revamped, one is almost done and one is still hideously jammed, mostly with photographs of library events. There are a few, very small piles of papers that still must be sorted and a small drawer in my desk to clean out. The room is so empty now there’s an echo, or at least a little ring that hovers shimmeringly when you talk. I have some beautiful paintings by Mama that I’ll hang in the office and that ought to absorb the noise. It is a library director’s office, after all.

I love having Mama’s art in my daily life. There is already a large painting, perfectly positioned for viewing as I work at my desk, of LD and me on the local river tour boat, painted from a photograph of a special I-love-you day in June 1989, when Mama joined us for the picnic tour of the Rappahannock. Some paintings are very important - and this is one of them. I’ll spend a little time this weekend choosing which others I want to take with me. There’s a water color lesson of scenes of Richmond, including one of me walking our old German Shepherd, that she did for a class. I’ve often thought I’d like to have that near me too. Anyway once they are hung I will have glorious after photographs of CleanOfficeSpace to share. (Yep, even one of the skein winder)

I am ready to turn all this organizational zeal on the workroom but I must temper my janitorial instincts a bit and do Other Tasks. Fortunately, the workroom is not such a personal space and I can involve my staff in both the grunt work and the decision making. And doing all my Other Work will be so much fun in a clean environment with blank spaces and feng shue type energy flow. Almost makes me want to go to work on Monday. (Heh heh. I’ll resist the urge, don’t worry.)

But I am going somewhere today. In honor of Washington’s Birthday there are events planned at Ferry Farm - his boyhood home near Fredericksburg. BH and the girls and I are going to go up and see what’s cooking - unless it snows - which is what was in the forecast - but we don’t believe it. It was 70 this week and the teens were all in shorts. No snow. Right? Yeah. Right.

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