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Friday, February 03, 2006  

Thank you all for the good juju-vibes. The Issue melted like frost beneath an autumn sun. Good Things may even have developed from this. I used my fantasy lover seductive flirting to lure another Stranger into my web - upon whose kindness I shall now cast my computer network.

Now it is Friday; the Friday when I just might get a perfect hair cut - or not, but hope never dies. I’m seriously considering a Short Haircut, having grown beyond bored with my present coif. Probably not today, but coming soon, to a head near you.

If only I could get the new face to go with the new hair. Or even the same face - but the 1986 version. But the clock ticks on. It means dashing out of here in a few minutes, too, since the appointment is at crack-0-dawn.

I have my assessment with the physical therapist today - the boss lady head-straightener. I’m sure she’ll be pleased. I know I am, though I shall miss being completely manipulated by healing hands - a sort of touch that one does not ordinarily get in the common walk of a day. Too bad. I think every business ought to offer this as a health benefit - the company masseuse - yes, that’s what’s needed. Pop on down at lunch time to be worked over. I’d gladly work till 7 if I could have 2 hours at lunch that included a massage and a nap. There’s one more visit after today scheduled - but we may dispense with it. I won’t suggest it, but I won’t be surprised if she does.

Our other weekend plans shifted gears and now I will be home instead of in a primeval forest - so we shall see just how much knitting and spinning progress occurs. None whatsoever happened yesterday but I did mail off my Handspun Yarnswap 2 contribution - which is merino/tencel even if I have been spelling it wrong for weeks.

Really - spelling is so evil.

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