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The snow is comin' -- don't worry. Supposed to start later this evening and snow all night to bring us delightful accumulation by morning. If not, Jim Duncan (ch. 12 weatherman) is in deep trouble.

I, too, must have a daily chocolate fix. I only gave it up once for Lent, but I gave up all sweets that Lent, and ended up losing a ton of weight. Would that I could live without sweets forever, but life is too short for such deprivation.

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Saturday, February 11, 2006  

No snow yet. But still hoping. The sky is pregnant with some sort of participation, the clouds fat and heavy and thick, like the underside of a fleece. The weatherman promises about 24 hours of it and if his promise is good, the later it begins the happier I will be. What a waste to blanket the land with white immobility on a Saturday when we could get a snow day off if it could be delayed a single day.

The house is only partially prepared for the great snuggle down. I forgot to lay in a supply of WW fudge bars when I was doing the weekly shopping and, true to my 2006 Good Idea resolve, I am not going back into a grocery store till Tuesday night. I’ll just have to get my chocolate fix some other way. And be sure, the chocolate fix is no trite idiom. It’s an essential part of my weight management. Each year I give up something for lent and last year I gave up chocolate. I don’t eat much, only a small taste, but I eat it every day, like a vitamin pill. During those 40 days without it I found myself eating late into the night in a frantic search for the terminal food punctuation to my day. Where was the period that told me “Eating is over - Time to move on”? I put on 5 lbs before Easter - not the thing to do at New Spring Dress time. I won’t do that to myself again, although I do have my little March 1 offering picked out and ready to sacrifice.

But, considering I have been tagged by C, and thank you, missy, I think these are fun, here is what is in the fridge as we head into a snowy Saturday:

Oh. How boring

Graves Mt. Farm Apple Butter - because theirs is the best, bar none.
Mayonnaise in three fat levels - with only the real stuff tasting any good at all - why do they put so durn much sugar in fat free and low fat mayonnaise?
2 lbs of crimini mushrooms.
Velveeta lite - because that is my Mama Loves You Comfort Food from Childhood
Benetino’s sausage and cheese - the only turkey sausage BD really enjoys.

I have an almost always full refrigerator with a rotating cast of staples, like eggs and yogurt and bags’n’bags of green leaves for salad. Alas. There is nothing classy or elegant or special unless one counts the high dollar parmesan cheese I bought with a Christmas gift certificate from S. But it’s very functional.

Mr. BankStatement came. There will be no camera this month. So, for those who yearn for visuals, here is my take on New York’s Fall 2006 fashions.

What the chic nun is wearing this season. Must be French.

I would have killed for this outfit when I was 16. I still yearn to wear knee socks, but on the over 50 set they look decidedly strange. Believe me, I accepted adult status decades ago. But they are cute.

How eighties. I never had the opportunity to wear one of these when they were in style last time. Shan’t have one this time around either.

Oh god. Where are my sunglasses?

Peanut butter for lunch? This is one of three outfits that looked like brown paper bags to me. yuck.

But some things are timeless. In fact, I think I would look better in that outfit than the model. Her arms are too skinny. Mine would be just right. I wonder how much that thing costs.

Still no snow and it’s 2 hours later. Good luck, you olympian knitters. You know who you are.

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