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Bess, I envy you getting to see an old growth forest! I knew there was one in MD somewhere -- it's in Prince George's County.

Thanks for your offer to cheer me from the sidelines during my Knitting Olympics. I'm surprised that so many people seem to think it's about competition rather than challenge. Challenges are exciting and invigotating; competitions are not.

By Blogger Jane, at 8:31 AM  

See, that? There ARE some beautiful things north of VA!!!! MD has some pretty good things going for it, to ya know....


By Blogger Amie, at 8:58 AM  

Hi Bess. *I* am an ENFP, too! I know just what you mean about doing all of those appears we're kindred fiber spirits. I'm a lucky girl!

By Anonymous Judy, at 5:20 PM  

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Monday, February 06, 2006  

Monday already? Sheesh! Now, how can I be out of the office one day this week so that it too can be a 4 day work week?

This reminds me of that stunningly handsome librarian that used to work at the local community college. He told me that any good library director can find a way to be out of the office at least one day a week. He was actually talking about playing golf with the county administrator, but beneath the realpolitik of his scheming beat the heart of a sloth. Oh la, I forget his name. But he was soooooo good looking and so energetic and was one of the only two people I ever considered leaving my Position Of Responsibility for the role of an underling. Gary. Yes. That was his name. And Patsy. That was the other person who could have bossed me around any time she wanted. One of Patsy’s former employees told me she could get more out of her staff than any of them ever dreamed they had inside. Yes. Some people really are Good For You. Alas, both of them are long gone now. But it was a thrill knowing them.

Odd to muse about the past like that. Well, this weekend is past as well and was full of ProDuction. There is the entire BSHP sweater front, knit up to the neck bind-offs - which will not, of course, be bound off, but put on a stitch holder. I’ve knit this on a circular needle, as I don’t even own straights any more, but now I have to struggle with the unwieldiness of having 2 shoulders on 2 circs, which I do not like. I believe I’ll use a DP as a third hand. I know I have a set of size 8’s around here.

It’s funny how I get nervous with each stage of this project and have to let it linger in the basket a day or two. I had plenty of time and I was certainly on a fiber roll yesterday, but once I hit the front neckline I just had to put it down. I am determined to finish this sweater in February (really it ought not to have taken this long) so I suppose I shall have to put some sort of goal/deadline on this week.


That would be good since we’re off on an historical exploration ramble next weekend. I could knit a sleeve in the car while we tour a primeval forest in Maryland. Hear that Miss A? You have an uncut old growth forest right there in your very own state. Nope. I haven’t a clue where it is. Mr. Jamestown and Mr. Chesapeake Bay are going to be my guides, though, and after my tour I will give a full report.

But back to the fiber report. Once I hit the brick wall of sweater panic I emptied two bobbins of 2 ply merino/mohair blend. There are now 340 yards of it and I would estimate the gauge is 4 = 1 inch. I suspect I’ll need every bit of 1,000 yards to make a cabled cardigan with shirt collar. If I were the type to stick with anything longer than half an hour I could have that done in 2 weeks. Alas for the ENFP in ME.

But with empty bobbins I was not tempted to continue down the same path. I was more in the didddly mood and spun a tiny bit of soy silk which bored me with it’s milky cream color. Rummaging in my stash I pulled out a yellow and blue silk top - what ever made me buy that? I’ll never wear anything made from it - and played around with fine spinning. I’ve made up about 25 yards of a cabled yarn which might knit into a pretty little jewelry gift bag. It might even get beads. I’m still yearning for beads.

Who knows what the next thing to go onto my wheel will be. I’m thinking fun. I’m thinking playful. But I’m also hearing the Wall-0-Color calling to me. As long as I leave the fibers in their black plastic lawn-n-leaf bag I can ignore them but if I dump them out on the floor all sorts of energy flows up from that huge pile of color. Hmmm. There’s a little time before breakfast. I believe I’ll go empty the bag.

May your Monday be short and sweet and may Friday come swiftly.

posted by Bess | 7:48 AM