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Wishing you all the luck you need for today's Issues, Dear Heart...and more!

I wonder if I could stand to follow your example and buy Nothing Knitting this month. After all, February is short...

By Blogger Margaret, at 11:52 AM  

Good luck to you!

I deserve a prize for closing the link to The Woolery before I finalized a purchase of linen fiber to spin a top for me... I didn't do it, I was good. Sigh.

Gigantic hugs to you!

By Blogger Amie, at 12:33 PM  

As someone who has taken your same "no new purchases" pledge, I was in a book store yesterday, looked at the covers (only!) of the knitting mags, sighed & walked away - proud of myself that I didn't touch them - for me, only reading them/laying my hands on them would have been tough to do.
Glad you have better resolve in that dept.
Much luck w/your day w/Issues.

By Blogger Martha, at 1:39 PM  

I had totally forgotten that honor pledge...I wrote for 4 years of college!! Thanks for the memory! Jane

By Blogger jane, at 10:15 PM  

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Thursday, February 02, 2006  

It’s been one month and a day now since the calendar flipped over. Although I didn’t officially swear to my No New Fiber oath till the 11th of January, in my heart I intended it to be retroactive to January 1. S and I spent a bit of time trying to figure out how we will handle the parole visits. My assistant at work asked if we planned to inventory my stash. I told her if I had to do inventory control work at home, I’d insist my library staff do the work and she backed down. S and I, both of us coming from our Private School Honor Code backgrounds agreed that a simple signing of the obligatory slip would be enough.

I swear, upon my honor, that I have neither given (money to a yarn, fleece, or fiber shop) nor received (from a sales clerk, UPS delivery man, or second party girlfriend) any yarn, fleece or fiber this month.


Did you have to put those at the bottom of your test papers when you were young? Not only did I, but I was glad, for it ment that I wasn’t responsible the behavior of my fellow students. But just in case, I always glued my eyes to the desk top on test days because in some cases, the honor code also required that you turn in anyone you saw who did cheat. The dichotomy of having to snitch on your buds after years of being taught to not be a tattle tale was too much for this simple Virgo brain. I made sure I didn’t see any cheating going on.

So how have I fared in this desert of shopping? Not badly at all, actually. It’s easy to let up on the shopping after the Christmas frenzy. Besides, I’m full of January resolve - not just on the stash stirring side of my life either. Diet, bookkeeping and finances, all got the eagle eye treatment. But it was surprisingly easy to Not Buy Fiber last month. Not that there weren’t times when I’d feel that little surge of desire, that little swelling in my heart as I thought about a sock I’d like to knit or leafed through a yummy knitting book and lusted for that scarf. In the store yesterday I saw that BH&G’s 2006 KnitIt! was out and inside was a delicious sweater with a deeply cabled rib in one mohair novelty yarn (looked like Dune, but I didn’t check the pattern) that switched to a different color of the same yarn in the body. It just looked so me. There was a little flutter, for I know there’s nothing in my stash like that. Well - at what, $13 a ball, I can promise you I haven’t a spare 13 balls of Dune lying around!

Happily, the moment passed. The moment for purchasing KnitIt! passed as well, since that was about the only garment I’d consider knitting from this year’s issue. It’s a fine little magazine for someone who hasn’t knit much before - a nice mix of easy to medium projects. If I’d never seen a knitting magazine before it’d probably be thrilling. I do remember how exciting it was to see Knitting on clay coated paper in the grocery store and wouldn’t deny the newbies that same thrill. But you must remember my 74 books and 18 inches of back issues of magazines.

I’m still undecided about how and when to make the Golding Wheel contributions. I haven’t finished anything with stash yarn. Ought I to make it once a month? When I finish a project? As I use up the stash fibers? I am leaning towards once a month and not holding myself to an FO. But that stick effect on my completion issues is very nice. I will have to think on this a bit more. Of course, it took me 2 weeks to even figure out how much $ was in the checking account and I want to wait till all the statements and bills come in after the turn of the month before I consider how my abstemious living has effected my disposable income. But banking day is next Thursday, so I’ll definitely make my decision by then.

And since the Virgo POWER DAYS this month are February 1, 6, 14, 19 and 24, perhaps I’ll decide on Monday.

As for fiberly progress- ahh - well I am close to the front neckline of the BSHP sweater. (You know I’m going to have to name this the Bishop Sweater, even if there is nothing ecclesiastical about it. ) I also managed to lose one of the little skeins of yarn for the yarnswap so I couldn’t mail them out yesterday. They can go out today. I’ve made a tad bit of progress on the chocolate brown maybe merino on HeyBaby but there’s a good bit more to go. I’ve maybe half a bobbin full.

Yikes! 8 o’clock already. Well, girding my loins here - because today I have to deal with the last of the Issues that plopped on my desk on Monday. If it goes well - a perfect week. If it doesn’t well, there. I’ve had some days to prepare myself for it. But wish me luck, plese.

posted by Bess | 7:50 AM