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Hrm...all else being equal, I usually pick green.

but that might be because I'm a near-redhead (or like to imagine I am) with freckles and hazel eyes...I look okay in some blues but pretty much across-the-board good in any green.

By Blogger fillyjonk, at 8:36 AM  

Well you know I very seldom pick blue. Green first, then orange or red or brown... walk through an autumn forest...

But yes, MOST people do pick blue, and when I'm knitting for others, I tend to pick shades of blue because it's such a safe bet.

By Blogger Amie, at 12:29 PM  

Lucky you, a knitter trip!!! I can't wait to hear about it! Jane

By Blogger jane, at 7:44 PM  

I, too, get errors in MSIE when viewing your blog, and I know it takes a long time to load for me -- not sure what's causing that, though. Perhaps you use a different browser at work - MSIE tends to show html flaws more so than other browsers, I think. I also notice that your text section is fairly narrow for me in MSIE -- as narrow as your sidebar, and then there's a gray section to the right of the sidebar that doesn't have anything in it -- not sure if that's your intention.

Anyway, I must admit I pick blue when given a choice, but my sister-in-law always picks pink. We make fun of each other for that trait, but congratulate ourselves because we know we'll never fight over a particular colorway.

By Blogger Mary, at 2:16 PM  

I've too noticed that the people I've allowed to pick their yarn have picked blue. Although my mom has picked out red and brownish-gold once before. My sister always picks either grey or black.

In Safari (the Mac browser) your blog looks fine.

Have a great time on your knitterly weekend. If I could afford it I'd be heading off to MS&W this year. Maybe in two years when I have cash.

By Blogger erica, at 11:48 PM  

Purple followed by green. I am not a blue person. And according to the quiz of the day--I'm wind!!!No comments , please!

I'm with Mary on the errors. Everything she decribes is exactly the same for me. But, of course, it doesn't deter me from reading!

Hope your knitter's trip is wonderful.

By Anonymous Isobel, at 7:21 AM  

Hey, thought you might like to know that there's a great tutorial out on the knittyboards right now for how to create a drop-down list for your archives, rather than have the blog list each and every month. Go here: to learn how.

Good luck! I'll be using this if/when my blog ever gets that big! ;-)

By Blogger Mary, at 12:35 PM  

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Monday, February 27, 2006  

I sure wish I knew where the "errors on page" are on this thing. I don’t get the message on the new machines at work, but it’s always here on the ancient fly-wheel operated home computer. Maybe the little hamster inside doesn’t like my bed spelling, so he thinks there’s a mistake on the page. Or perhaps he chewed a little hole in the edge of one of the pages and that’s causing the problems. How does one go about finding an error on one’s blog template, though? For that matter, how can I collapse the archives so that they are available by year, not by month. That list is getting long!

Yesterday I had occasion to look back at last May’s archives and was dismayed to see just how wordy I am - and how few photos, pictures and other colorful things end up on an average month’s worth of postings. In fact, May ought not to have been average since I had NewBabyPuppy and MarylandSheep&Wool to write about. This is serious. I simply must get a digital camera. And I am spending Lots (and Lots) of $ on Other Things right now so I simply can’t afford one. Rats.

The weather turned brutally cold yesterday - and windy. With the fire going all out we never really got the house toasty warm. It’s still cold today, but not so windy and by the end of the week we ought to get a little warmth too. I believe that the Farmer’s Almanac said it will be a cold wet spring and a normal Virginia summer - so durn hot you’d think you’d bake, and 98% humidity with a drought. Yep. That’s Virginia. But I hear the spring birds outside. There’s a woods bird singing to me that may be a robin. And Saturday, when it was starting to get very cold and I was hanging clothes on the clothesline I could hear a whole marsh full of red-winged blackbirds serenading and courting and flirting. I don’t care if it is 20 degrees outside - those songs lifted my spirits and brought a smile to my face. It felt like flowers blooming. It felt like the scent of cut grass. It felt like a picnic on the sailboat in the twilight. It felt like movement and freedom and friendship. It felt like spring.

I spent the day indoors as much as possible. I finished up the little hat, of Aurora8, in a very dull and uninteresting charcoal brown, that I’m going to knit a brim onto using a spindle spun yarn. I don’t believe I’ll use the interesting and many colored merino top I spun last week, but a blue merino yarn that dried in all the wind yesterday. This is because of Bess’s Theory of Blue which is: Given the choice, and all other things being equal, people always pick the blue one. And I almost never have any blue fibers around because blue makes me look jaundiced. So my samples tend to be gold and bronze and turquoise and orange, chocolate brown and green and more orange, and tomato red and that fabulous color, so briefly popular 2 springs ago "Azalea" - an orangey pink that is so flattering to me. Loud. But flattering.

But I know my customers (the rest of the world) and I try always to offer some blue. Somewhere. I’ll knit up that brim in the same seed stitch I’d planned to use on the Everything But Blue yarn and just knit a swatch with the EBB stuff to demonstrate what seed stitch can do for an uneven (a.k.a. sloppy) yarn. Then, later, I can rip out the swatch and use it for cuffs on a pair of mittens or - who knows - I have mountains of those felted merino rovings- I may spin up a sweater’s worth ... oh - or better yet - a solid color sweater with interesting details out of pebbly EBB yarn - think a Jean Frost jacket with EBB details .... hmmm.

I spent large chunks of yesterday reading out loud to BD. It’s interesting how some books I must read out loud and others fall to him. Of course, about half the time we drift off to sleep when the other is reading, but I never mind. I like to read out loud and Alan Villiers satisfies some deep longing for news of the sea. I have absolutely no desire to do any deep water sailing and prefer swimming over boating anyway - but when Villiers writes about the sea, my heart is stirred and I must be the one to hold and read and interpret his words.

And now it is Monday. The Monday of a short week for me, for I am going on a trip with some knitterly girlfriends this weekend. And I am taking the morning off to be photographed spinning on the drop spindle. And the office is tidy, the workroom will be getting tidy and I have work to do, but nothing so pressing it can’t be paced realistically. It all looks good to me.

Oh! A mighty congratulations to the Olympic knitters. May you look back at your victories with pride.

posted by Bess | 7:08 AM