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Wednesday, February 15, 2006  

Hmmm. Hope everyone who wanted to, had a cozy sweet Valentine’s day. Mine was just right. There is an enormous and quite elegant bouquet in the den, spread out on a green cloth, all greeny pine and red berried holly with arching branches of copper beach, their curly dry leaves still clinging to the thin stems, all of them hugging a cluster of yellow alstomera lilies.

Perhaps I ought not be surprised at the artistry of this arrangement. His mother was a nonpareil at flower display. I just haven’t ever seen that side of him - this man with whom I’ve shared a house since 1971. The surprise of it, coupled with its beauty, is about the only thing that could draw words from my fingers today. I am strangely silent this morning, my literary stream dry as dust. So in true diary fashion I will say only that yesterday I fulfilled the rest of my medical Good Ideas for 2006 and made every nasty doctor appointment and scheduled every Good For You test on the list. Somewhere, I believe, there is written down some mention of a reward for completing the entire list, but even that isn’t motivation enough to make me chatty today.

posted by Bess | 6:43 AM