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Just a quick hello to you, Bess. I miss you and wanted to let you know I was thinking about you.

By Anonymous Patti, at 2:36 PM  

I've taken one cruise and did not enjoy myself, and it had nothing to do with the slow mode of travel, and everything to do with it being (at the time) the largest cruise ship every built. It is not enjoyable for me to be trapped inside a huge moving and rocking building with 3,000 other people and no way to escape. Something like being trapped in an airport, which I'm convinced is where all bad travelers go when they go to hell.

How appropriate that on Learn to Spin day you have broken my will and convinced me to come to the dark side! ;-) I'll have to blog about the irony of that!

By Blogger Mary, at 2:59 PM  

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Sunday, February 26, 2006  

The biggest cruise ship in the whole of history is currently under construction. Why, when you can travel by plane, from one end of the world to the other, in less than a day, would this ancient mode of transport be enjoying such a buoyant market? It's not necessarily any cheaper and nor is it intended to cater only for those who have a fear of flying. It can only be because, finally, people are beginning to realize that there's more to life than efficiency. Speed is for teenagers and megalomaniacs. The rest of us find more pleasure in leisure. This week, your ruler is slowing down. Emulate its example. Focus on quality, not quantity - and be in less of a rush.

Mr.Horoscope tells us all that, with Mercury going into retrograde we may as well expect to be slowed down anyway - but let us hope that the transportation issues hovering around my life and the lives of loved ones stay away just a little longer. And I don’t really mind slowing down the rest of my life because I have been a GoodVirgoGirl this month, succumbed to tidyitis, turned my office into a haven of quiet productivity and made a start on doing the same to the rest of my backroom work environment.

Best of all - a new moon is coming on Tuesday, perfectly timed for Lent. This is what Ms.Horoscope has to say about that:

New Moon in Pisces on February 28 at 0.30AM GMT - If you’ve been partying too much, expect the hangover. If you’ve been kidding yourself, it’s time to stop. It’s one of those times when we’ll all benefit from facing up to ourselves, good bits, and bad bits, and all.

Readers familiar with previous springtime posts know that I love Lent - a last fling at self-absorption with a view to improvement before springtime gets here, with its promise of play and flowers and Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival and summer guests just around the corner. If I am going to improve myself I better do it now. And everyone knows an ENFP Virgo is into self-improvement.

As for LearnToSpin Day - well - I did get in some good spinning but better than that, I convinced someone to Learn To Spin and we’ve set up a day when I can teach her and I think that counts as one more victim caught in my web spinner added to the fold.

I’m still putting together spindle spun yarn for my springtime classes. I am also beginning to obsess about how I have never yet been able to make a drafting triangle with thumb and forefinger. 100% of the spinning books I’ve read all say Drafting Triangle - Thumb and Forefinger - Or You Die! Well, they don’t really threaten you because we are all so polite we have to say “Your craft is yours and you can do whatever you want.” I will say the same thing to my students. Which, though we know is true, doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking to themselves “Lawsee - she doesn’t have a clue!! Did you see how she holds the fibers?!?” And I hold the fibers with my ring and little fingers and merely use my thumb and forefinger for traction.

Tomorrow GD comes to take photographs for the handouts for all my classes. I’m taking the morning off especially for this. I’ve written the outline for the handout and will fill it in over the next 2 weeks. But I am certainly glad that Mercury will be going forward again by the time I go to Bedford for Cousin C’s class and the Spring Fiber Festival. It’s absurd, I know, but I feel like the March 11 spinning class will be an easy event because the students - if not familiar - will largely come from my neck of the woods. They’re home girls. The Sedalia students will be Mountain Folk- or at least, I don’t expect to have met any of them before, or be kin to their brother-in-law’s cousin, through marriage, the way it is ‘round here.

But the stars promise that my communication skills will be back in full force come late March and by early April I’ll be LadyLoquacity herself.

Happy cold and frosty Sunday to all.

posted by Bess | 7:05 AM