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Friday, February 17, 2006  

The beautiful skein of Corriedale yarn is almost dry. When it is I’ll measure it and have the wpi but it looks like a beautiful sportweight yarn to me - soft, springy and ready to be knit into fat cables. The skein has 104 yards in it and I managed to ply all of it in one session - quite a chore towards the end, for the shaft was so full I had to set the spindle on it’s hook and wind the yarn on as if it were a support spindle. I know, I am sure it is a bad thing to spin on the hook end, but I do it all the time. When I finally do the research and find the technical reason for not supporting the hook (hint hint - you more skilled spinners - feel free to save me the effort) I will stop doing it.

La this is a gorgeous fiber. If I weren’t on fiber restriction I would look for a white corriedale fleece. Which would be disgusting - since I have this beautiful fleece, all processed and ready to spin. How swiftly my mind turns it’s eye onto acquisition. What a needy soul must be lurking beneath this confident exterior. I must remember to try to operate from the knowledge of my own abundance!!

Anyway - it is a thoroughly satisfying fiber and I am enormously proud of the yarn it created. I plan to knit up a pair of fingerless gloves with it - something with cables, since I’m planning to knit the entire fleece into a cabled beauty. This can be a sort of swatch - although I had considered spinning more of a worsted weight for the sweater. I may change my mind, though, after knitting up this skein - for I don’t really live in a heavy cabled sweater climate. It’s possible the thinner yarn may make for a more wearable garment. Things to ponder.

Rats. I see that Blogger is down - which drastically shortens my time on the computer this morning, since half of my morning routine is keeping up with friends’ blogs. Of course, that gives me time to go start another spinning project. I’m going to make paper quills for my spindle and a shoe box lazy Kate to show my students next month. I usually just spin little bits and samples on my spindles, saving the bigger projects for my wheels. Thus, I don’t really mind if a little more twist goes into a sample when the yarn winds off the tip of the spindle shaft.

I do mind, though, if I’m drop spinning yarn for a project. It’s so easy to over spin or over ply a yarn, although I must say, the dormancy factor fools me often enough. Thank you, PatsyZ, for teaching me early on to always always make a control yarn. That tells me what the fiber wants to do at the twist and grist I’m spinning. I may decide to do something else with it, pushing the fiber out of it’s natural inclination, but I can always come back to my spinning after a break and make sure I’m still creating the same basic yarn.

I’d read a little article about making quills in a back issue of SpinOff, instantly becoming intrigued by the idea. This lovely 3 day weekend looks like a good time to play with toys. I wonder if I can find a shoe box somewhere around here.

Ahh - and I see blogger is back up - so I’ll post this little tidbit and sometime today I’ll post a picture of the beautiful Corriedale yarn.

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