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Whatever happens to strike my fancy, but surely some sort of fiber content.


but dear we do love you
you know that right??????

I will send you marguerite the chicken
post a few of her antics and pictures and you will have buckets of comments....
some so odd you will have to moderate your comments on the blog


trying to figure out boucle.....
sounds really complicated....

By Blogger vi, at 8:23 AM  

I hearby comment that your blog is indeed worthy of the crown. There! I have de-lurked. And it certainly didn't kill me.
More pictures, if you please, Madame. Too much text makes me want to go lie down.
Just kidding.
:) Manasi

By Blogger yarnahoy, at 12:27 PM  

Ah, I see that things have gone well in the time since your post about your beanfield and the drought. Thanks Heaven's for that! Your gardens are the most beautiful things I've seen in a long time on the web. Thanks for sharing them.

You have a very interesting blog here at this site, too, but then you know that.

By Blogger Zippianna, at 4:11 AM  

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006  

You said it, Isobel. Solid Gold lettering on Hand Made Paper Knitting books. Like Alice Starmore’s stuff - published in tiny runs, here briefly then locked forever in the high priced, only museums with Donald Trump underwritten budgets can afford to own them. I know I paid $78 for AS’s book on fair isle knitting. Thank the good knitting gods I bought her aran book when it was new and only cost something like $30.

I had a brief afternoon at work yesterday, after a long wait in the dr.’s office. Thank goodness, nothing happened last week that left additional piles on my desk, because I’m off again today on personal business. That means it comes out of vacation time, not sick leave, but I can spare one day from that cache of Future Pleasure. We had news that a beloved friend is going to be moving to Vancouver (from Pakistan, via the German embassy) in the summer. Uncanny how we had just this weekend been talking about going to Vancouver for our next vacation. Still in the wee early planning stages, but ....

We get a 4 day weekend this week - a Virginia thing - and almost useless since in January you are broke and can’t go shopping on your days off, and besides, you’ve just had holiday time off. How I wish these ImportantPeople had been born, say, on April 4. That’s when I need time off, not now. Correction - that’s when I’d prefer time off. I always need time off.

I’m knitting away on the front of the BSHP sweater - I’ve done 6 inches and in 6 more I’ll put in the bust darts. Sometime this weekend, I think. Tonight is our Tuesday Night Knitters group, so I’m glad to have something to show off.

Back continues to improve though still not 100%. But 90% feels sooooooo good. And Barnes & Nobel did not have any Barbara Walker books. It had 4 shelves of knitting books but not a single solid knitter’s need title, except for one slim copy of Knitting Without Tears. After listening to me muttering crankily, BD commented that he thought B&N was not really a book store, but a front for the publishers, who know most people would rather have shiny than solid and most is enough people for them to make a good profit from. If it wasn’t published in the last 6 months it won’t be on the shelves. He didn’t find what he wanted either. Ahh for an independent book store.

Off I go now.

posted by Bess | 7:56 AM