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Yes, I agree the quizzes are fun. Sometimes they are scary how close they come. I did a "What's Your Best Career" and one of the suggestions that came up was "pharmacist". Makes you wonder if someone is spying on us!

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We're the same kind of seducer! (what lovely company to be in!)

By Blogger Amie, at 8:42 AM  

"It’s blue. It’s very, very blue. It is not a color I will ever wear and I have rather a good bit of it. It is probably going to be given away."

Hmmm...How blue is it? I wear blue...esp. sapphire or navy or deep teal (jewel tones)...Hint, hint...



By Blogger Margaret, at 1:47 PM  

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Monday, January 30, 2006  

Quizzes. Aren’t they fun? I love ‘em and can waste hours if I’m not careful, on either quizilla or blogthings. Dreadful waste of a life, I know, but cute and fun. And sometimes there are little insightful tidbits to be discovered. Last week’s quiz pretty much targeted my central bull’s eye zone. It wasn’t a direct hit but it was awfully close. I am wickedly self-critical. My goodness, I’m a Virgo, for heaven’s sake!! I do set such high standards that I often don’t even get started. In my quest for pefection I end up not doing anything at all. I just dream away about what I might do. But, though I do know and acknowledge I’m different, I rather like that part. Besides, in my secret snotty little queenly heart, I think I’m not just different, but better.

Sorry about that. Serious failing. Ought to go into the 40 things about me. It can be #41.
(there, I’ve said all the obligatory self effacing junk)

Back to quizzes, though, I thought this week’s result actually sat fairly close to last week’s; an inspirational sort of gal who makes you think your dreams have come true - or at least, that they could. I haven’t actually done all that much seducing in the traditional sense. Heck. I’m married - to a really great guy - but worse than that, in this little community, objects of seduction are my girlfriends’ husbands! Not cool. Not nice either. But I will seduce little kids. I get tremendous pleasure from drawing them to me. I love to twinkle at them and see how they twinkle back. I like little kids. I like the way they aren’t full of angst, even the shy ones. They’re very straight thinking and pretty much always tell the truth, so long as they aren’t afraid the truth will get them in deep doodoo. And I would bet a year’s pay that S would say I seduce everybody in order to get what I want. And I think ... yes. It’s true. Ahh well. Interesting - these little quizzes.

Interesting too, how much time I seem to have to fiddle with the blog. Think how many rows of BSHP could have been knitted if I weren’t waiting for the dial up connection to re-publish the blog. Think about the skeins of yarn that would be drying on the line if I weren’t taking just one more quiz, because of course I have to know what my secret rock band name is. But I had gotten so dreadfully bored with the blog's static image. And I’m so jealous of folk with prettier blogs. What I really want is a digital camera to display So Much More with Fewer Words. Maybe 1000 fewer words. There you have it. This is my camera envy compensation.

So be prepared. I will likely flood you with images, not of the verbal sort, once I’ve dropped the $ on a camera.

But doubt not - I did get in some lovely fiber activities yesterday. In honor of Mozart’s birthday weekend we put on Marriage of Figaro and listened to all 3 discs. BD had the libretto and kept me up on who was singing what. We have the London edition with Sir Georg Solti conducting and Kiri Te Kanawa as the countess. But it’s Frederica von Stade, singing Cherubino - most particularly Non so piu - band 7 on disc 1 - who reached into my chest and got aholt of my heart, wrenching sobs out of it with the sheer beauty of her voice and that melody. The words are so stupid you don’t want to know them, but my god I could start weeping right now, with the memory of it.

oh yeah

fiber content.

Well, I knit about 25 rows of the BSHP sweater while we listened, motoring on up the front. When I got bored with knitting (in true ENFP fashion) I picked up the corriedale and the drop spindle and twirled through act III. I lay on the floor petting dogs for act IV but afterwards I plied up and wet set the Handspun Yarnswap 2 entry and even cleaned off two of my bobbins - which only had little sample bits on them. HeyBaby is loaded with the 1/4 filled bobbin of brown wool, which I want to finish up before I start playing with beads.

Altogether, a very productive day. In the late afternoon, BD and I watched movies. I had missed Breaker Morant when it came out what - 26 years ago? I seem to remember a rush of Australian films swimming up our way; all of them good, but pretty deserty bleak. Remember Gallipoli? Ha! Remember Mel Gibson looking like a boy? And of course, it’s fun to hate the Empire, especially its Boer war, though otherwise I really love the British and envy them their television. Even their most banal can’t sink as deep as the jerry springer show. I didn’t give this film highest marks, mostly because it left me sad and frustrated. Not so much with the film, which I thought was well done and had very good looking men actors in it. But the story was too depressing for me. And I am seldom in the mood to be depressed. Fortunately, my rating is meaningful only to me and my friends. I do not write for the Village Voice or Rolling Stone magazine or even the Richmond paper. Besides, it’s a 25 year old film and not in need of new publicity.

And now it is Monday of a brand new week. We’re off this evening to have a bon voyage dinner with D&P, for P must be across country for many months getting some serious medical care. She’ll be top of my prayer and white light list. But other than the sad fact of someone I love needing serious medical care, the week looks to be wide open and full of possibilities. And even P will have her golden lining, for across country is where her grandbabies are. Big time hugging will be going on in only a few more days.

Yes. A wide open week of days full of what-ifs! How thrilling.

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