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Wednesday, January 18, 2006  

One last JA/P&P comment - not important to me, but one of those trivia bits that remind me that people don’t change much. Click

I really ought not be here at all since everything I’ve hit the send button on today has gone haywire. Mr. Horoscope says to stay gracious and keep my lips shut unless it is bottom line stuff so I shall try to bite lips hard all day. Wonder just what crappy thing he thinks is in store for me.

But after today I am free of Under The Spotlight stuff at work for another 3 months. So long as nothing really serious crops up, I expect (hope, long for, plead sweetly with sugar on top) a gentle few months to spread out before me. Knitting, perhaps a wee bit of visiting distant friends, good books, good movies, good conversations. Maybe some garden work.

My PT session got canceled because of the insurance company but I got a phone message that the paperwork came through and I’m good for 6 more sessions. I feel heaps and tons better, though still not 100%. I’m hoping the wise folk up at the hospital will give me some guidance on how to get strong again. During my week off, when I thought I’d be taking walks, I tried it once and realized I just wasn’t vigorous enough for it. BD was with me and he posed the idea that maybe walking wasn’t the right exercise for me.

Huh? Isn’t that the one form of exercise everybody tells you is the perfect exercise? And of course I got huffy right away and felt like he was attacking me for not being strong and healthy and Perfect and thank god I’d been listening to my Chakra meditation tape and was smack-on able to say exactly what I thought and felt and what do you know. He countered with the most novel idea - that with my hyperflexion I am always going to be a candidate for falls and sprains and wouldn’t I like my own rowboat (?) so then I knew that he just wants another boat, but his point is actually very good. Perhaps walking is not the exercise for me. Of course, I’m as likely to sprain my ankle just standing on an asphalt parking lot, but ...hmm... swimming, now. That’s a real possibility.

I actually love to swim and relish time in the water. I am a 2 baths a day person, not because I feel dirty or anything obsessive, but because water, with bubbles, and maybe something delicious to drink on the side of the tub, and a pillow behind my head, and a Knitting Magazine or Yarn Catalog - well. What a way to get back into the womb.

My biggest problem with our local pool, or any pool, for that matter, is the smell. I can just barely stand the smell in the air, since I shan’t be there all that long - but the chlorine gets into my skin and hair and dries it out and reeks all day. The smell even gets into the clothes I wear after I’ve been swimming. So on the agenda is a search for chlorine de-stinking products and practices for TheQueen - who is now wondering who could possibly be interested in all this.

Ahh well. Today TheQueen is just thinking out loud. She did not knit a stitch yesterday. She did lose 1 lb. last week, as verified by WW personnel. She also came home and watched this and swooned and giggled as she saw her very own Consort sound wise and intelligent and full of knowledge. Lots of pretty green footage, too.

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