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Thursday, January 19, 2006  

Oh - I had not thought to post anything at all today - for yesterday lived up to Mr.Horoscope's - Horrorscope, I should say - predictions and I still have TheHeadache from it. But what should I discover on my wend through the morning newspaper routine but this article from the NYT! Full of good information, there’s nothing either patronizing nor inaccurate in the article. There’s even a photo of a Louet and a Norm Hall. It put a smile on my grouchy face first thing in the morning, so maybe this will be a better day.

There is another interesting article, worthy of the fashion curious who would like to know just exactly why those shoes cost $3,000. Click here.

But otherwise, yesterday stunk, and not just for me - but for many of those I love. Rats.

So. Least said (though you can be sure, some will be said to someone) soonest mended. And I have 3 months to accomplish at least something towards my work goals. Fortunately (or un- depending on how well they’re done) I don’t have to suffer performance reviews, and since I don’t get one, my bonus isn’t dependent upon accomplishing all my objectives.

I do have a couple of Good Ideas for 2006 I’d like to try out. These are GI’s with deadlines on them. One is to get a handle on my personal financial paperwork - a.k.a. bills, which are strewn about with abandon or hidden in little white paper WW bags that I also use for knitting projects. I’ve bought the pretty colored organizers to put All That Stuff in, by year and category. I would like it done before I get my W2 form from the county. I would be so proudly smug to be able to look at rows of Important Papers in GirlyGirl Colored Files. The deadline for this GI is January 31, 2006 and I am thinking that it will also be this weekend’s project.

Alas - if I am going to delve into bill paying procedures and paperwork storage activities I may as well talk to the Other Person In This House about $$ - a subject we avoid most of the time. He doesn’t like to think about it and would rather just have everything already be on the dinner table or in the dresser drawer or the closet when he reaches for it. You and I know that Somebody put it there, but, like family secrets, we just don’t talk about it much around here.

I am already hyperventilating about this and dredging up really bad ghosts from my childhood and thoughts of unworthiness and all that, but I think that’s because of the current astro-alignment, because Himself has never fussed about $ in all the years we’ve lived together. This is really all my inner stuff and I am just trying to blame my stressful self on the nearest and most helpless and most forgiving victim.

I’ll just cling to that pastel vision of color coded file folders lined up in neat rows, waiting up ahead, maybe on Monday.

The other GI2006 is also about financial paperwork but it’s to do with my Job and it’s really to do with mastering the bookkeeping program. And it has a March 1 deadline on it.

And you thought this was a knitting blog. Ha!

But in a disciplinary action yesterday morning, I did knit one row of my BSHP sweater. Oh La! And I have only 2 more rows to finish up that lace angel stitch I devised for the Austerman Barkerole swatch. Well - there you have it - they are alive, those knitting projects of mine - and will be on display soon - at a palace blog near you.

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