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In a feeble attempt to weaken temptation, Dear Bess, I offer up this question about beaded yarn: how does it feel on the fingers when one is knitting with it?! ;-)


By Blogger Margaret, at 8:36 AM  

I was a little surprised when Clara praised the Tilli Thomas beaded yarn. I saw it at the shop and thought it looked like white trash. I didn't like the "hand" at all and thought the beads would be such a pain to knit but also to wear. But what do I know? I'm just not a glitz person.

By Blogger Larry, at 11:27 AM  

Bess--I couldn't find a way to email you personally, but I wanted to touch base with you about drop spindle spinning and meeting Barbara at Stony Mountain Fiber...

Could you email me when you have a moment?



By Anonymous Judy, at 5:28 PM  

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Friday, January 27, 2006  

It’s a sure bet, if I have something important to do I’ll sit down at this computer and play around. If I have two important things to do - whew! - no telling how long I’ll stay. Today is the library’s Brown Bag Book Club and I read the book so long ago I have to refresh my memory of the details. Though it was a darling of a book, the specifics blend into a warm memory instead of items to talk about. And since this month’s discussion leader had to be out of town, I’m leading it. Only a skim will do, but I’ve half the book to go through.

Then, in the afternoon J is coming for a half a weekend or two and my house has that dusty grimy look it gets in the winter, between visits from the MS. This is the weekend I’d usually give the house my own sparkling touch. I just have to do it on Friday instead of Saturday. And I didn’t exactly lie when I told you I got my bookkeeping all tidy last weekend, for the important part - the part that involves the IRS and TheBank and Visa is all tidy, but the actual folders, and last year’s info and the box of ancient bank statements are not tidy. They will go on the shelves in the room where my books are, but only after we pack up the shelf of books that we’re getting rid of. Right now, those pretty colored folders and the grocery bag of Other Stuff is sitting under the dining room table. They will be stuck on the attic landing for the time being - which at least moves them closer to the shelves where they’ll have their permanent home.

If I get off the computer.

BTW, I am the only person on the KRForums right now.

I have a on this blog, installed last February. As of yesterday there have been 26,036 hits. Pretty cool, huh? Oh, yes, I know. Nothing like the numbers on Important Blogs, but rather nice to see on the graph they provide. There’s even a little breakdown of where folk come from with little flags showing country of origin. I don’t pay for this feature so it’s their basic version. I’m not selling anything so it’s enough for me to just get an idea of my audience. Only - I wonder how many people really come to read and look and how many got here unintended. The average # of returning visitors is a little less than half that number, so I wonder if I’m boring to more than half the people in the world, or if there is some strange sling shot effect whereby a person has to enter my blog before she’s allowed to move on to her true destination; a sort of Internet scavenger hunt.

Anyway, all this was just an opportunity to brag a bit. I’m a sucker for round numbers and was thrilled when I passed the 25K mark.

Okay - the weekend calls and preparations must be made. I will spin when J visits, because I am determined to finish the Yarnswap 2 yarn and I am deeply challenged and intrigued by the Tilli Thomas yarn Clara reviewed on Knitters Review this week. Wicked Clara, knowing I’ve vowed No New Yarn Before 2007, she offers up more temptation than a candy store. Bad bad Clara. How could she? Beaded yarn. Yes I long for it. I dream about it - well day dream anyway. I want beaded yarn. I will have beaded yarn. Poor BSHP may languish in the sheepy basket while I spin beaded yarn. Hmmmm. No stash oaths about beads. Do I want crystals or pearls?

posted by Bess | 6:19 AM