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Saturday, January 07, 2006  

If you haven't done a thing to advance your New Year's resolution to lose a few pounds and get fit, the new moon on January 29 will increase your motivation. Begin at this new moon and you'll love the results you achieve. Soon you'll be back in those skinny jeans!

What a delightful promise for us Virgos. MrHoroscope does not stoop to such detailed predictions - or at least - not unless you pay for it, but I found this promise, along with a great romantic future, lingering here. What Mr.H says is that today is the day to clean out a closet - in your brain, your soul or your house. My house has no closets, but it does have a huge mess in BD’s old bedroom, where I keep my personal library. All the fiber books and magazines are scattered helter skelter. All, that is, except the ones that are in every other room in the house. Since today is the last full day of my do-nothing week, and since MrH says it is an auspicious moment, I plan to Organize My Library.

What a thought - I shall be going back to work before I go back to work.

But this is my library so each title is precious to me. And one title is missing. Somewhere in this house is a copy of Vintage Socks. I bought it in October, looked at it briefly and promptly lost it. I’ve been too under the weather these past months to look for it, suspicious as I am that it’s buried in the mess upstairs. If it’s not, I shall ask around to see if I lent it to anyone, but my gut feeling is: it’s here in this house.

I finished up the back of the BSHP ribbed turtleneck on Thursday and cast on the front yesterday. The back took 4 balls of yarn with just a little left over. This is good. I’m confident about the amount. What I am a tee tiny bit nervous about is that I didn’t knit the body long enough - but I always worry about that. No matter how many times I stick a yardstick beneath my arm and measure down to the hem of my favorite sweater - I worry that it won’t be long enough. So far I have knit only 2 really short sweaters and both are cute and, from the front, look good on me. From a profile view make me look like huge colorful marshmallows. Eh. I would look like that anyway. Proportion is everything, when it comes to looking stylish. But I really do believe the sweater will be long enough, and I know it is wide enough. And there is plenty of yarn to make a cute ribbed hat to match.

I also pulled out the merino/tencil, in the Dead Wrong For Me But Perfect For SomeoneElse steely blue color, and began spinning it. I’m participating in a KRForum handspun yarn swap and I need to come up with 120 yards of a wool blend. My offering will be uneven - I haven’t spun in several months and, like any physical activity, you have to keep at it to stay at your peak - but it will be good enough; a pretty yarn and a lovely color.

I’m mighty glad to see there is white merino/tencil top out there, because I almost never see it dyed in colors I can wear. I have some pumpkin M/T I got from Stony Mt. Fibers, but that’s the only time I’ve ever seen it in a color I could wear.

So - that is the fiber news from ThePalace. Tomorrow I may be able to report the discovery of, not just the lost sock book, but perhaps also some other forgotten treasures.

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