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Okay, so I know we're SoulSisterVirgos, but how come I have a similar list of Good Ideas? Spooky...with all those miles between us!

For the body, I recommend FLYlady's book on Body Clutter, and for the purse, her 27 Fling Boogies!

Hugs, and good goin' with The List!

By Blogger Margaret, at 11:14 AM  

ok, so are we just all related?

Aria the librarian who also needs to read more (and read better stuff) and whom loves to organize yet has all her stuff in a mess at the moment....

(at least my excuse on the reading thing is that grad school didn't give me time... but I've had almost a month since I graduated - I think I could pick up some substantial reading by now don't you? (actually I am planning to read Mrs Dalloway for the Knit the Classics group, but have I picked it up from the library yet? no...)

By Blogger Aria, at 2:04 PM  

And Jane, who runs a bookstore, for Goodness' sake, could stand to read a few more books, too! So many books, so little least that's been my excuse.

By Blogger Jane, at 6:30 AM  

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Thursday, January 05, 2006  

Good Ideas Post

In spite of the ease and leisurely pace of these Days of Recuperation - I still don’t seem to have enough time to post as often as I think I have things to say. (work out that grammar, wontcha?) I did a good bit of writing yesterday, but it was rough draft stuff on New Good Ideas paper, bought ‘specially yesterday on my way home from physical therapy. That was my last session and I am not all fixed yet. I am heaps better. I probably could live with the residue of discomfort that is left. But I don’t want to, mostly because the clock ticks forward, not backwards. Anything that isn’t good now will only get worse later - or be added to from the geriatric ailments cabinet. I am so aware of what age does and age on top of pain - or even discomfort - is No Fun.

I have learned a lot about myself during this period of exercise therapy. Most absurd and surprising is how often I toss my head. I have a whole vocabulary of head jerking gestures. I toss my head when I make a decision. I jerk it in declarative punctuation when I stop doing something or get up from my desk. I snap it when I agree with some important point. And oh how I flip my hair back whenever a flirtatious gesture is required, which, being both southern and my mother’s daughter, is often. I need a whole new technique because the elasticity of the neck muscles that have to catch an 11 lb. ball flung about by shrugging shoulders begins to disappear once past the half century mark.

I go back to my own dr. on Monday and he will have the progress report from the PT folk. We will decide what to do next. Maybe more PT. Maybe a visit to an osteopath (who is covered under my insurance). I am sure he’ll recommend a chiropractor and intellectually I can see every good reason to go to one. But I did go to one already and had a horrible (where is the dripping blood font when you need it) experience. I am not ready to be beat up again. I would rather go the slow route even if the fast route would give me quick comfort. It’s a mental thing, I know - but since the guy I went to was raved about by all his patients - (people whose judgment I now question) I am at a loss as to how to pick one. And since I’d have to pay for him out of pocket - I believe I shall take the slow road.

But with my wonderful New Good Ideas Paper in hand, and a slender gel pen, the next best thing to a real pen, I began my list of good ideas for the coming year.

First on the list is the HEALTH STUFF - not surprising since I’d just left the PT office:

1. Get with the WW program. I know it’s a great way to eat and a pretty darn good way to go about life: all things get considered so long as they are admitted to and done in moderation. It’s that admission that’s so easy to slough off. I had actually made this recommitment last week so I need only continue on as begun.

a. In addition to knowing and admitting to what I’m actually eating I absolutely must plan my meals way ahead so that my house has the right food in it and very little of the useless, but fast’n’easy stuff. I like to do my grocery shopping on Friday evening so that means the meals have to be planned and the grocery list made by that morning. The good thing about this particular Good Idea is that it may keep me out of the stores a bit so I won’t do so much impulse buying. It’s always nice if you can get a double hitter out of a Good Idea.

2. Get this back healed - whatever it takes

3. Make a list of all those horrid and embarrassing tests - and get them done. You know the type I mean - the ones that squash, probe and photograph you. Perhaps a reward for each one to which I actually submit this calendar year - what do you think?


1. Stop using my purse as a file cabinet. Get the damned file boxes and organize all that stupid paperwork. I even like that sort of task. I’m a Virgo for heaven’s sake. Perhaps what I need is pink file boxes with butterflies on them. hmmm. Whatever - this task MUST BE DONE and it needs a deadline. How about February 1, 2006? (Happy thought - this means shopping for matching file boxes. I feel just like Cathy.)

2. Codicil to above: How about scheduling a monthly budget day? You know you’d love that too. C’mon Queenie. Admit it. You want to make a resolution out of this Good Idea.


1. Read at least one thing that is difficult for me to understand each month. I have the sloppiest reading skills, especially as I’ve traded in books for the abfab audio tapes that are out there. But I know that I have a reading ability issue and I ought not let my skills deteriorate. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know I run a library. But I can do that with the toss of my head! That is an organization skill, and a flirtation skill, not a reading skill. So it would really be a Good Idea to read one challenging thing a month. Only 12 little toughies. Essays I think - or poetry. Honestly - most books have 3 ideas and they’re all told in the first chapter, repeated in various linguistic arrangements throughout the rest of the book, and recapped at the end. But a poem! Oh god. A poem can resonate with so many ideas, all hidden in the white spaces between the words.


1. Restore that garden - a lite version - but really - there are just too many treasures hidden beneath the weeds to give them up for lost.

2. Renovate the den. Knock out the wall between it and the office and make the whole thing into the wonderful magical room it was meant to be. That means big time planning, serious cabinet and shelf building and perhaps some furniture shopping. But those two horrible, impossible to clean rooms could be one magnificent room. And get some consultations with it too - don’t just do it alone. Hmmmm. Yes. Peggy would be a good one to ask. And maybe even a professional. Yep yep - this is a doer - perhaps do the planning in the winter and start the actions in the spring.


1. Master that bookkeeping program. Now. Learn it or give the task to someone who will.

2. Get out of the office more. Spend at least 5 hours a week on the floor. Chunk time, too, not just as I’m passing through when someone needs help. A little more visibility is needed here.


1. Write at least one real letter on beautiful paper each week. I love getting letters that are just hellos. I bet most of my F&F would too.


1. Actually do at least one thing a month that I daydream about. Seeing the fruits of my dreams ought to be very uplifting.

2. Talk less - listen more.

There - a list of Good Ideas.

You say there is nothing about fiber on that list - being posted on a fiber blog? Ahh well. That is because I do have one New Year’s Resolution and it involves fiber. But I am not ready to post about it yet. It involves other people besides me and we must all be able to assemble for the Resolution to be Resolved. It is scheduled for noon, January 12 - which was as close as I could get to the 13th, when my resolves are due to be blessed with success. So - I figure, we can talk the talk the day before, and then that Friday I begin to walk the walk. I promise to take you all along with me.

posted by Bess | 10:10 AM