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Happy New Year, Bess, and have a great time at the spa! Can you get away with not answering the phone?

I'll be taking a walk on a beach tomorrow, and I'll send a thought your way!

By Blogger Jane, at 12:25 PM  

Happy New Year Bess, to you and yours! We will be Thin and Fabulous at MDS&W!

By Blogger Catherine, at 7:42 PM  

Happy New Year miss Bess! Warmth, love, health, and abundance of goodness to you.

By Blogger Clara, at 11:47 AM  

I loved what you wrote and I wish you a wonderful new year and I look forward to your posts on KR.

By Anonymous Milinda, at 6:58 PM  

THAT was one of the most wonderful blog posts I've read in the knitting/spinning blogging world. Here's to a great new years for you!

By Anonymous kknitter, at 8:15 PM  

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Saturday, December 31, 2005  

Your week ahead: You can't have everything at once. You can't expect 2006 to get off to a perfect start. You can't hope for a future free of conflict. These, though, are just about your only limitations. If you want anything else, there's a fair chance you can get it. It may not seem this way to you, but your year starts strongly. You have support where you need it and protection where you feel most vulnerable. You are aware you will have to start carrying out a difficult, delicate plan. That really need not be a problem. You just have to be sure as well as sensitive. I have just recorded your first in-depth forecast for the New Year. To hear great news - click here and take out a free four week trial of your weekly spoken forecast.

Now, you all know how much I really love Mr.Horoscope. He’s the only astrologer I’ve ever found who actually as good things to say about Virgos - most of the time. And I am sure I will find golden nuggets in future forecasts. And I am not saying this week ahead prognostication is full of gloom and doom.


But I want this week to be like white noise - like REM sleep. I want NO, as in ZERO, delicate issues with no vulnerability this week. I expect 2006 to get off to a perfect start. A perfect start to healing this achy body and stupid Pavlovian Dog Brain that dashes into work at the first phone call. Bad bad bad horoscope. I want PERFECTION! I do not want to have to step delicately. Sheesh. I am sick to death of difficult delicate plans. Sick of it, do you hear?!? It feels like my life is constantly hobbled by dainty steps around issues and responsibilities and egos. I want to be the center of the universe for 11 days. I am throwing a linguistic tantrum about a horoscope prediction! I am out of my mind - and I don’t even have a crazy smiley face for the icon dependent.

Which just goes to show you how badly I need this week of R&R. Though it started officially yesterday, it starts in actual factual mode today. The dear PT guys have created a little 20 minute exercise routine for me, with lots of elastic bands, tied in knots, held tight by shutting the knot in a door, and against which I pull my head and my ankles. Not at the same time, mind, but sequentially. All of these exercises are small things that you could slip into a daily routine. Only - who would? Who does? I know how those “easy to slip into your day” things are - especially when they are new and different and most especially when you feel tired and stupid. You forget to. You don’t do the exercises because they aren’t old familiar friends. Because your body hasn’t learned them. So for the next 9 days I am going to be at TheQueen’s Spa. Three times a day I will do my little 20 minute routine. Once a day I’ll take a gentle stroll out to the mile point. My freshly stocked kitchen will produce nothing but new and delicious WW meals. My big bed will be spread smooth for naptime-with-dogs every afternoon. There is a basket full of bright knitting in the living room and a bag full of merino/tencil by HeyBaby. If there is any time left over after sleep and baths and naps and meals, I will spend it working on class handouts for some classes I’d like to teach. But that is secondary - something completely unimportant for this first month of 2006. No matter what else happens - if I am called by library staff, even if the library is broken into again, like it was the last time I tried to take a week off to heal this whiplashed neck - I am just going to tell them to call the police or give them equivalent nonchalant and disinterested advice.

All this naval gazing begins today, though I did get in a great PT session yesterday. Since I shan’t take down the tree till tomorrow, I probably won’t do any other house cleaning either, though the house desperately needs it. Usually I begin each new year, after tree removal, house cleaning, and bubble bath, with a brand spanking new notebook, but there is no notebook lust this year. About 2 weeks ago, a beautiful New Year’s Resolution was born, over lunch, bounced off the head of S, my favorite lemony girlfriend. It involves a lot of people and it is quite elaborate and it won’t be fully formed till sometime in the middle of January. So this New Year’s Day I will do things a little differently. I will make a list of Good Ideas, but I only plan to make the one serious resolution which I promise to share with you as soon as it’s fully presentable.

Our NYEve routine usually involves cozy dinner, cozy books, cozy movies, and bed by 10:30 for me. BD will take the gun out and shoot it at midnight. If the YD’s are home, I expect LD will likely do the same. All over the flats there will echo the sound of midnight shotguns. It’s a precious custom that makes me feel I am home, where I belong, ready for anything a new year might want to send me. May you feel the same on this starry turning night.

posted by Bess | 8:38 AM