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Thursday, December 22, 2005  

Yesterday I got one of those gifts you can put no price on - a surprise visit from B. Those of you who saw me at MS&W will remember her well. She’s been pulled in a different direction all fall while I’ve been becoming familiar with various medical professionals. We had the best lunch, sharing all the news and all the gossip and talking about our fiber goals. She missed the December knitters night so we had a lot to catch up on.

It put me in a celebration mood the rest of the day. I am counting on another happy lunch partner today, though time is flexible here and we may not actually get to dine together. One of Santa’s elves is delivering the last Christmas gift. We close up shop today for a few holi-days and repeat ourselves next week. That weekend ought to be more low key, though even Christmas isn’t going to push me too hard this year. I am following astrological orders and taking it easy.
A PT appointment and a manicure will definitely mellow me out this morning. I wonder if I can just be poured back into the library.

No knitting or spinning at the moment, though I have all the sock books in the library checked out. Not that I’m going to knit on more socks right away - but I might. Or maybe something else. I’m thinking I need Mindless Knitting and the first 25 rows of the NBP are definitely not MK. I’ve been doing the math for a ribbed sweater knit from the Brown Sheep Handpaint - I might cast on for that. Or I might not. And it feels good to have that sort of freedom spread out before me.

The only dark shadow on things at the moment is the amount of chocolate still in the house. It ought to be all out of here by Monday - and on Tuesday, in an Aphrodite move, I plan to become a Weight Watcher Virgin again, get on the scales, recommit to the enormous task before me - and get back into the half of my wardrobe that I’d be ashamed for anyone to see me in now.

Happy Thursday to you all.

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