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When you post the 'scopes for us Virgos, I have been struck by just how on target Mr. Horoscope is. This one hit the mark like nobody's business.
Hope your visits w/the P.T. go well - that is a profession that is valuable, important & vital for healing.

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Saturday, December 17, 2005  

Once again Mr. Horoscope has hit the bull’s eye:

You are honouring an obligation. You are protecting something (or someone) vulnerable. You are summoning great strength and great determination but you are not finding this easy. It's partly faith that's keeping you going and partly fear. You don't know what else you CAN do. You can't stop. You can't give up on an objective that means so much to you. Yet there must be a breakthrough soon or you'll end up exhausted. Try not to worry too much and also try reducing the number of items on your impossibly long 'to-do' list.

Of course, this is probably a generic Weekend before Christmas horoscope he puts out for everyone, with only slight modifications, but that doesn’t make it any less true for me. Something tells me that I will get it all together, but there is a grey fuzz in my head that spreads its fog over my critical thinking cells, whenever I get the slight urge to wonder if I can meet even my own meager holiday wishes. We’re pretty low on the Christmas frenzy scale as it is, but this year I can barely see a jiggle down there at the bottom line. I haven’t any gift for BD and can think of almost nothing to ask for from him. Of course, we neither of us have any $, so perhaps there should be no gifts, only - sorry folks - it just ain’t Christmas without any gift.

“Let’s just all be together and love each other” might work in theory, but I’m not sure I’ve matured enough to be cheerful and bright about a Christmas tree with no gift beneath it. Just not sure. Weird thing is, though - I can’t think of anything I want. Or rather - the only thing I want is not something that can come as a gift.

What I really want is time - a long, long time to rest, sleep, heal this back of mine that is not healing very quickly (if at all). I am giving very, very serious thought to taking a week, or even 2 weeks, off in January. Or perhaps working half time for a little while - maybe 3 days a week. I think my dr. would write an order for that and goodness knows I have the sick leave saved up - decades of good health has left me with something like 95 days of it. I’ll talk it over with BD - since, as important as it would be for my dr. to agree, and the county to permit, how TheKing behaves is even more so. He works at home, so his reality is: the moment I walk through the door it’s play date time. In delightful puppy fashion, he scampers about with books and ideas and plans and ThingsToDo and suggestions and aren’t we going to have fun! This makes for rich, rewarding weekends and delightful evenings that give deep meaning to my life. But it is not restful - and rest is perhaps the most precious thing I could add to my life.

So - the idea just popped into my head as I sat here writing,Perhaps the weekend will allow it to gel.

I have also been putting together A Plan. It has to do with New Year’s resolutions and with knitting and I am laughing even as I sit here thinking about it. The idea was born while having lunch with a wonderful, lemony girlfriend, who has been roped into being my assistant, but it’s genealogy goes back to my Tuesday Night Knitting group. Well, to be truthful, since it concerns stash, it goes back much further than that, but I must stop typing about it now. It’s not time yet. Fear not, though, for I will reveal all, with photos, in the New Year.

The Christmas socks are done. No. There is a toe on one sock to finish and then they are done. After that it is going to be just knitting for TheQueen. Not that the items will all be for me, but none of the choices will have a holiday attached to them. I’m getting very excited about future fiber adventures. I plan to block the NBP sleeve today - to see what the cuff does when it blossoms. It’s knit in the same lace as the hem but I didn’t increase all the stitches at once after I’d finished that lace cuff. When I knit the sweater body I will have to do so, if I stick to my plan to knit only 8 repeats of the pattern. Just in case nobody but me remembers, the original idea was to cast on 10 repeats which would equal exactly the number of stitches I need to continue with the body in st. st. But 10 repeats of the lace pattern would be very wide indeed and might look pretty stupid once I switch to st. st. Thank goodness I knit that sleeve as a swatch because now I can see just how much flare I’m going to have to compensate for with increases.

But that is all for post-toe knitting. And post tree finding. And post Other Stuff. So off I go.

BTW - I am seeing a physical therapist for my back/neck/arm. Who would have thought one could tape a shoulder for much the same reason one tapes a knee? In fact, who would have thought one could actually tape a shoulder? But - one can.

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