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My mental image of my future has been defined by Lee Meriweather - Google her if you haven't seen her lately. She was on some PSA the other night and Girlchild and I were agog, she's a vision of silver-haired perfection. A new "what I want to be when I grow up" has been defined. Along with Sally Field and Goldie.

By Blogger Catherine, at 8:17 PM  

Ahh yes but being 5'pleanty" helps a lot with the aging process. Nevertheless, proud to tuck in my shirt tails really is an achievable goal for me. Still working on the 2006 master plan and still planning on taking next week off - to sleep.

By Blogger Bess, at 8:18 AM  

I'm back, catching up on over a week of your lovely posts. Your description of what we would all like to look like in the future is so correct - I think of Kate Hepburn as well, lovely and fit for so many years. I don't need glamor, or even perfection really, just a little less of me into my mid-50's would be good.

By Blogger Shelia, at 9:29 AM  

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005  

La - time is so compressed these days. I am well and will sit down and write a real post soon. There are thoughts whirrling around inside this head - and I still want an opportunity to completely and utterly trash the new P & P movie - it is so deserving.

I have physical therapy today and each time I go I feel a giant step towards being all fixed, but I also feel like crashing into bed. This time I'm not going to be so stupid as to go back to work. After PT it's PJ's. I am also seriously thinking of taking next week off. I still haven't had that whole week of rest prescribed by the emergency room doctor last August. The one my inner subconsious Queen decreed. I have 720 hours of sick leave. I think I better use some. The rest of my staff but one are all on vacation this week, but next week? Hmmmm. Yes. It's a plan. A good one at that.

I've finished knitting up one ball of the Brown Sheep Hand Paint in the garter rib stitch. It came to 5.25 inches of sweater back. Rough math tells me it will take 12 skeins to knit this sweater. I think I have that much. I actually think I bought 15 - but I'd better check. This is a knit-in-pieces&sewn-together sweater. Be nice to see how it turns out.

hokay - time to get ready for PT. Oh - but one other thing. WW base line is bad - but not as bad as it might have been. Like Aphrodite, I am again a WW Maiden, ready to start fresh, complete with new food log, and the stack of WW cookbooks. I had two good revelations about the fat fix I'm in. One is an old familiar one - that inner picture I have of myself as just another soft round Gilbert Girl. Groping in my memory this week I found a substitute image - one from my pre-teen days - of a trim grey haired lady with a simple skirt and blouse on, walking out of the old Safeway store, looking just lovely. There isn't any reason that can't be my mental image, now, is it?

The other road to Damascus revelation was that - I have to plan my meals out for the week. In order to have the right sorts of food in the house - and only the right stuff - I have to know what I'm going to make that week. In the past I've always resisted that sort of careful plotting with an oft repeated wail "How do I know I'll be hungry for that on Wednesday?" Alas - especially this year - what I have been is too tired to cook at all on Wednesday, so that I just gobble whatever is easy - which is often not particularly healthy. So - with this quiet time at home to look forward to I believe I will restock my kitchen, map out the week's menus, and maybe even do a little cook ahead stuff.

Mindset alterations. They have to come first before the body can follow.

And wherever you may be, Barbara - happy birthday.

posted by Bess | 7:46 AM