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L'chaim! A toast to your whiskey with mine (my fave? Laphroig single malt)! An' all the best o' the Season to ya -- and yures! (Best I can do on a brogue in text!!)

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005  

Happy Solstice Day. Welcome long dark night and thank you for the opportunity to sleep hard.

Yesterday I put on my Essex granddame persona. I slipped over to Richmond. Or, at least, what passes for the edge of Richmond, and had a perfect shopping experience. There were 2 things I needed to buy that could only be gotten in the city but there were some few other things I was looking for as well. The lady fingers were available at the Mechanicsville Ukrops (venerable, high-end Richmond grocery store) and the second thing I suddenly realized I didn’t have to get after all. I could substitute it with something super cool I found at a Ben Franklin, of all places, where they were also having 75% off Christmas items sales so I was able to pick up All the rest of the stuff I needed to get except the gifts for my parents. All in the same few square miles of suburban shopping. Is that cool or what? I had no idea shopping 5 days before Christmas was such a wise thing to do - for I am a Virgo and I Make Plans. I shop weeks and weeks before Christmas, or I make for Christmas and I never get such good sales as week before Christmas sales. The week before Christmas I have always consigned to men or those lesser beings who hate shopping. I should have guessed the guys would have rigged week-before prices to suit themselves. Though - as I say this - I would have to admit that Ben Franklin has a decidedly feminine clientele and as such I ought not be so crusty in my opinionating.

So here I was, snuck off to the city, with time to do a little browsing. I lingered in B&N a long while picking up cards for next year, some other stationary, that prompted another NYR (New Year’s Resolution), gifts for my parents, and a great pop-up book/toy about life in Rome for the library. Our cardboard castle is really showing its age. This isn’t as much fun, without any movable parts, but it’s SOL approved. The kids will all have heard about Rome. I also had, for the first time in about a decade, time to wander around Pier 1. This shop used to be my favorite place to linger when I was in high school. I often made my boyfriend spend our entire date perusing the isles, touching all the pretty glassware, flicking them with fingernails to make them ring, sighing over brightly painted Itallian crockery, stroking that heavily carved Mexican furniture, trying out all the Papa San chairs. I dreamed of having my own little pied-a-tere - truly a walk up in one of the old Fan townhouses, with a balcony and a bay window and completely furnished from Pier 1. I was very into that 60’s Bohemian image. They had a 50% sale on hampers and there was a huge one made of woven wood chips that I could have brought home for $25. I thought a long and a long time - for in spite of $ shortages, I've been generous enough to me this holiday. The price was so good and it would look so much better than the huge black garbage bags my Wall-0-Color fiber is stuffed in. I just had to find a reason to not buy it and I did - it chipped easily - and in my house, with JustBoys - it would not be able to retain that lovely marquetry look. It would look like chipped wood, not woven wood chips. It stayed in the store.

Better than all the fun shopping – was the ease with which I could move about, now that I’ve had 2 sessions with the PT. I am impressed. I go again tomorrow – perhaps by the time we’re done I will be all fixed.

It is deadly dull at work these days. We have a half a dozen local kids who want to hang out on the computers all day and perhaps another 2 or 3 dozen book addicts who simply can’t be without a back up for their holiday reading. There is always a ton of paperwork I could be doing, but I have yet to get started on it. I’ll see some bills get paid and after that – nada. My creativity is working on only 2 cylinders and I’m not about to try to fire up the missing two.

With the exception of picking up Christmas dinner on Friday and some gift wrapping, I’m done with preparations. That feels suspiciously good. I am guessing I’ve forgotten something or someone but I’m at the Mr. Horoscope section where I X out one third of my plans, duties, and obligations. I’m ready for an evening with egg nog. And this year we’ll be making this tipple with this:

Who could resist? The last time we had any of that it was in a plastic gallon milk carton and it was not potable until it had mellowed in the jugs of homemade eggnog, made with my fresh eggs, for 3 weeks. JA got it for us and we called it by one of LD’s favorite new words.

Tomorrow is our last work (snigger) day and Friday is our office party and I don’t plan to get out of my PJ’s at all on Saturday.

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