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Oh, so sorry for the loss of B, and kisses and prayers for sweet Jack to feel no pain.

I went to a chiropractor when I was very young (my father refused to believe that children can suffer migraines, and felt his chiropractor could fix whatever was wrong.) I HATED it. Hated hated hated. Won't go to another chiropractor again, which is unrealistic and yet what it is.

Take care of yourself, please. We love you, we miss you, and we want to hear you eviscerate P&P the lesser.

By Blogger Amie, at 11:02 AM  

Sympathies to you, Sweet Bess, for the loss of B, and prayers for continued healing for your back. May the Ghost of Christmas Present visit your house and bless you abundantly!!



By Blogger Margaret, at 6:30 PM  

I am sorry for the loss of B & send wishes for Cap'n Jack to feel better - to feel as good as he is handsome, how's that?
And my wishes for you to continue to feel better & to figure out what works well w/this process.
Looks like I am in the minority w/the other comments: I love our chiropractor, both the one we have now & the one before him. They help to keep us functioning well.
Take good care!

By Blogger Martha, at 9:30 AM  

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Monday, December 12, 2005  

For several days I’ve been meaning to put up a post, but I’ve been struck with an attack of Mr.Darcyism - becoming of a taciturn nature, unwilling to say anything at all unless it can amaze others.

But I must thank those of you who have posted comments and sent e-mails wishing me well. Your kind messages have been a real perk-up for me and have warmed my heart. I am some better. I do not have carpel tunnel problems, I have an injured spine from a fall I took last summer that has been refusing to heal - well - and how could it - I have been refusing to treat it - or at least - not knowing quite how to. Dr was wonderful last week as he poured over charts and texts and pulled out the PDR and we discussed the whole range of treatment - which is mostly wait but also some PT, and a medicine for peripheral nerve problems. For those who have suffered from hurt spines - the problem is in the T4 zone but that is sending scrambled signals to the T2 zone which controls the hands. Maybe I will go to a chiropractor - but I did so in September and had a terrible (as in TERrible) experience and am a wee bit gun shy at the moment. Intellectually I can see the good it would do - but I am not ready to try again at the moment.

The good thing about having a doctor who will give you time (as in an hour and 15 minutes of talking) is that as the conversation progresses things come to light that might not have surfaced in a 15 minute examination. I’d been working out on the treadmill - which is a machine - and completely insensitive to any slight nuances of position, tempo or exertion my body may need at the moment. Nix that. For the time being I’ll confine my exercising to walking and swimming.

I had a second wonderful doctor experience on Tuesday when we took Capt. Jack in to Cousin John’s. Jack has developed swollen hocks and our regular vets were stumped. Cousin John spent most of Tuesday morning, a lovely snowy day when few folk were likely to drop in, examining, x-raying and pondering. The x-rays show that our darling pup has arthritis, new bone growth trying to form a natural splint over painful joints. With no pathogens or parasites showing up in his blood work, he’s been diagnosed with osteochondritis and is being treated with aspirin and glucosamine. Of course, it wasn’t wonderful that our puppy has arthritis but it was wonderful to have lots and lots of time with the doctor and to leave in a hopeful frame of mind. At least we have a plan. And Jack just thought it was all good fun.

We ended the week on a sad note, when another cousin died in his sleep. I do think there ought to be some sort of cosmic rule that nobody dies at Christmas time. B was a tender gentle man and this was unexpected, so we are all down about this. There was no sense of relief or the ending of a long chapter or even of balance. We just feel cheated.

Since this is a knitting blog I’m pleased to report that there is less than half of one sock left to knit for Christmas. Then I can knit with something other than size 2 needles. I’m thinking a lot about what’s in the stash and about the NBP sweater and all the other yarn-ish things that are waiting up ahead for me.

And to bring this post to a lovely circular conclusion I do want to warn you that when my brain is ready to really function again I will regale you with my criticisms of the new Pride and Prejudice movie. I saw it last week with GD and it fulfilled all my expectations. It was as completely horrible as I suspected it would be, once I heard who the cast was. I promise a full and scathing review of it, as soon as my loquacity stream begins to flow.

posted by Bess | 7:22 AM