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Just wanted to pop in and wish you a most happy Christmas. Tons of hugs and love to you and BD!


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Monday, December 19, 2005  


Now, if you were sick and concerned for your health, would you purchase from this company? No. I didn’t think so. But who is the market this company is targeting? Generation X? Generation Y, or Z? Some other consumer group who will one day be signing my pension check? Be afraid - for this is the future and it is not just frivolous. It is stupid.

Okay, now that we’ve dealt with my junk e-mail we return you now to our regularly scheduled program: Christmas in the Castle.

Yesterday was a much better day than Saturday - and not just because my house was clean, the tree was up and my back didn’t hurt much. First off, I wasn’t so blue - and I feel bound to give credit where it is due and admit that part of the cheer-me-up came from an article in the January issue of Ladies Home Journal, which I had snuck home from the library, lured by the Lose 10 lbs FAST headline. I’m a sucker for that sort of copy. But as I flipped through the surprisingly thin first 2006 edition, an article on dealing with stress by listing the things for which you were grateful spread open before me. Even as I jerked with dry sobs, on my stripped bed, with all the dirty laundry piled on the floor, I had to admit there are an awful lot of things I am glad of. And, list maker that I am, I couldn’t help but shed the blues as the sum of the parts began to swell way beyond any whole I might have imagined. Nothing like a good friendly slap in the face from reality to jolt you out of the ring of pity. So kudos to LHJ and thanks to the guys in charge of the universe for guiding me up out of the slough of despond.

Most of the day was spent way off in the city. The shopping list was short but we were too late for almost everything on it. Who would believe that all the copies of Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg were sold out. I swear there were 3 at Tower Records just last Sunday. It was to have been one of BD’s Christmas gifts - nix that. We did fling caution to the wind and purchase a new piece of entertainment technology - a combination VCR/DVD player. Although I know that the VHS dinosaur is just about extinct, I am not ready to give up all my fiber videos, which are not yet on DVD. Besides, the library has a fabulous vhs collection which it can’t afford to replace any time soon. I hate Random Access Memory technology when it comes to watching a film. It presents you with way too many superfluous choices. No, I do not want to watch Love Actually in Swedish, thank you. I am not interested in the silly interview of the director at the end. I believe I can make up my own mind about the artistic merit of Spiderman. The format is still way too jerky as it flicks backwards or forwards to some spot that is sort of where you wanted to go and it can be/even has been programmed so that if you want to watch segment a of a disk, you also have to watch whatever other message is programmed into it - a prime avenue for politically indoctrinating the entertainment addicted. Nevertheless, I can listen to other broadcasts with a filtered ear, so I can do the same with RAMed entertainment especially if that is all the future holds.

Today, while I am fortunately off at work, BD will hook it up, one hopes, through our existing amplifier. I am very very very glad I shan’t be there to suffer with him through his frustration.

The other big item on the shopping-in-the-city we failed to find was lady fingers. You know, those little sponge cakes baked in rows of 6, looking like little boats sprinkled lightly with powdered sugar. Only one store that’s open on Sunday sells them, and there was a single package spread among 3 huge Kroeger stores. What is going on? When did lady fingers, so seldom stocked, become the hot Christmas item? More should be available by Tuesday but I am going to call our local grocery stores and see if any of them can order in a couple of packages for me. I have to order our rib roast too, so this is as good a time as any.

We got in a fabulous visit with D&P. This much needed hugfest pushed the last shreds of blueness out the window. I have got to find some way to get them to move closer.

While driving over to the city I finished the toe of the last Christmas sock. Yippee for me. With that out of the way I dug in the knitting bag that held the socks and found a ball of Brown Sheep Handpaint Original which I had been trying to swatch in an interesting broken rib stitch, in the round. When I finally realized this was NOT FUN, I ripped back and knit it flat. I love this stitch - and I love this yarn and I became aware that the two were meant to be together in a marriage of close fitting ribbed sweaterdom. This is so pretty and so much fun to knit it may usurp the NBP’s place in the line-up of Projects to Start. After all, I’ve had this yarn longer. It will knit up at 4.5 stitches to the inch on #8 needles. Time to get out the old calculator.

As for this week, one thing I can’t scratch off the list is a visit to the physical therapist at 10 today. I felt much better yesterday but I did not sleep well last night - it is hard to find a position to sleep in with arms, back, & shoulders all squawking at the same time. We have a salesman coming to the library after lunch so the afternoon will be light and pleasant. One of my staff has an enormous crush on him so I always include her in the selection process when he’s the salesman. But tonight I will sit down with the seasonal tipple and X out anything I think I can, in the interest of a sound mind and healthy attitude.

Off to start up a Monday.

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