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I'm at work, too. And I'm also one of those people who takes a low paying job in part because of generous holidays.

It feels unfair to me to have to work on any day when I don't get mail delivered.

The local schoolkids are out, but I think it's one of those in-service day thingies rather than an actual day off for Veteran's Day.

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Friday, November 11, 2005  

You know, A, I don't think something so Alice Starmoreish in color would feel comfortable being called Parasol - I'm thinking maybe "Lassie" but then I keep hearing Timmy whistling and crying "Lassie - come home!" I might call it ET, though and then the subtlies of my mind would be revealed to all. Or Bell - wasn't their slogan "ET - Phone Home"? I could even use Belle. Adds another layer of obscurity to the name.

Well, it's too soon to name the thing anyway. I still have only half a sleeve knit. And M? I'll post the wee sketch I did of it soon. Maybe even today, since

I Have To Go To Work Today


We all know that we idiot government people are willing stay in low payed public service jobs beacuse we get so many holidays - but I seem to always be working on them. Had to work on Columbus Day. I will be going in today too - I had to anyway, to meet with someone who is going to provide realia for a display we are putting up in December. The only day he could visit was today and I already had a noon meeting in town. I'd be really cranky if this were February and I didn't get another day off till May, but since T'giving is only 2 weeks away, I can be stoic about it - and take a day off later to make up for it.

I'm dithering right now, though, about going to see my sister in her New House this weekend, or staying home and being a rock. I am very (as in Very Very) tired. I haven't been home for a whole weekend in a month. I really need some down time. I really want to see my sister. I wouldn't be having this problem if I could take today off.

Rats. That's the trouble with circular thinking. You always come back to the place you didn't like to begin with!

Okay. I'll think about tomorrow.

At Tara.

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