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Tuesday, November 22, 2005  

Yes Jane, feel free to borrow the warden, whip and all. And thank you all for the kind comments on the NBP lace hem. I am so pleased with how the fabric behaved I almost feel as if it is already a finished object. Well. Hmmm. I should. It is. It’s a swatch!

And I haven’t done anything new on the NBP since - like casting on the body - because I am knitting on some Christmas socks. Once the spell of madness that is KnitEveryone3PieceSuitsForChristmas - I can do it! I know I can! had passed, though in a weakened state, I was able to select some appropriate Christmas knitting projects and begin working on them. I am 1.75 socks away from 2 pair, motoring down the foot of Camo Sock #1. It’s a man’s sock, so it will take a good bit of motor power, but nothing that can’t fit into a sweet long holiday weekend.

I wrote a long piece yesterday about gift giving that left me so depressed I have decided to never post it. Odd that I have this sensation of sadness just lurking about the edge of my routine, waiting to clutch my heart and wring it. I don’t usually grow weepy over the holidays because I don’t usually have too high a set of expectations they must fulfill. A few good friends and lots of food for one meal is actually enough for me. The sequence of Big Party with Days Off To Follow is a favorite of mine - one I often repeat in the spring time, when the garden is looking good. (since it hasn’t looked good since 2000 we haven’t had any encores lately, but we just might this year) For some reason, though, this year doesn’t seem to be pumped with that usual energy and excitement.

And of course, there are real changes this year. We shan’t have any little kids, for BH’s girls will be with their daddy this year. And my parents will be with my sister who has recently moved across country to settle a few miles from them. This is a good thing since I worry about my folks when they drive.

And there are other changes too. The county has given us all a 3 day holiday and this year I am closing the library the whole day before T’giving. This is a first and something I may not do again. Now that we have more staff I am actually considering closing only half a day before and on the day itself. But that will be for next year, when I plan to revamp the whole holiday schedule. This year, though, I get that whole day off and am ready for it.

Perhaps it is just that. Change always makes us nervous when we aren’t the one who instigated the change. I suppose my best course, then, will be to treat the changed routine like a road trip - with a destination - happiness - but with all sorts of unknown views outside the window, passing by, on my way. And if I can resist the urge to spend $ as a means of assuaging any feelings of angst - why - I ought to make it through the holiday just splendidly. Let us hope any weight loss occurs on the tummy and not the wallet.

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