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You have a wonderful weekend ahead of you!! Have a fine time at both events. You deserve it! Jane

By Blogger jane, at 7:55 AM  

Have a glorious weekend, both basking in BD's moment in the spotlight and in the fellowship of great friends at the retreat. Enjoy every moment of it gal!

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Thursday, November 03, 2005  

The UYW’s are done - whatever errors are in them are now errors in multiple, since I’ve made the copies, collated and stapled, and packed them up. Finis.

Last night my students began the decreases on their hats. Both of them are not just proud of the lovely colorwork they’ve knit, but have had several opportunities to mystify and astonish their friends and coworkers. That’s the way stranded colorwork is. It’s actually more impressive than intarsia to the non-knitter. It’s one of the slight-of-hand joys of this glorious craft. Like spinning boucle yarns or putting in gathers in sewing, some of the most flashy looking things are the simplest. And since I know how much fun it is to be flashy, especially when there is still just a hint of “you’re knitting? My grandma knits” out there, I taught them both how to use double points last night.

Heh heh. Somewhere in the early archive of this blog is my favorite cartoon about double points, along with my off hand comments on how useful the skill is if you want to really keep people away. Rattle all those pointed sticks and you can have the subway seat to yourself. Truth is - I am a 2 circ. kinda girl. I seldom use dp’s except to carry 2 of them in my purse to knit up tiny swatches of yarns I handspin with the drop spindle when I’m at fairs. That’s because all my size 7 16” circs. are in sleeves. But even if you loose some of your double points you can still have pocket swatchers, so long as you still have 2 of them. That’s a lot of service for $5.99 worth of knitting tools.

My students were thrilled to get flashy! So thrilled they asked if we could extend the class another week. So we shall meet the next two Wednesdays and I’ll take them through the mini-EPS sweater. I always feel that students who have gotten through the basics plus the EPS can really knit anything out there. Besides, these two women are ... they’re just hugs waiting to be squeezed. I don’t know when I have enjoyed teaching this much ever!

And you will be relieved to know I have picked my New Beginnings Project! Yes! It meets several criteria - including the ones set by the HeadHoncho of KR. It’s for me. It’s a New Thing - not a guilt trip UFO. I’ll be using the canned pea green ( yes - that’s why it was on sale for $3.00 a ball - and it will look good against my yellow skin) Filliatura di Crosa 501. This will be a Flidas da capo. Only I’m not using the hollow oak cable. In fact, I want to make a replica of Flidas someday, but with a similar gold tweedy type yarn with garnetted flecks in it. But I do want to knit the same type of sweater - with a patterned hem and cuffs, and with the design flowing up the center front into a neckband. And with those circular set-in sleeves. This time I will WRITE DOWN THE PROCEDURE so I can teach it - since it is tricky but satisfying. I understand it, but only at a kinesthetic level. I need to translate my cellular knowledge into verbal information.

This yarn is a nice flat soft springy worsted weight. Smooth. It doesn’t want to be cabled - because the color is so strange. But it wouldn’t mind being lacy. Ahhh yes. Breaking up the color with blank space instead of making texture out of it with cables is just the ticket. I’ve found a 14 row, 22 stitch pattern in BW2 that will work just right. I’ve tried 5 times to cast on and knit that first row and every time I’ve screwed up, so there is now the matter of pride involved. I will not be defeated by a BW pattern!

But I struggled with it last night while my students steadily decreased the stitches in their hats. It was very good for them to see that we all must puzzle over New Things, but that it is a fun struggle - not a burden.

Today is a sooooooper good day for me. I only have to work till 1 and even that will be easy and fun work. I’m all caught up on the Important Stuff. Then I can get the car washed and get in a little exercise at the gym. I’m still working out at only the most gentle level, after 3 months of crummy health. A tad of grocery shopping will be followed by, oh yes sweet heaven, a manicure and pedicure, mmmmm.

Tomorrow we leave for the launching ceremony. Saturday is the KRRetreat. Yes Yes Yes! I foresee only happy good things in spite of what Mr. Horoscope said today. I will have a great weekend - I will I will I will!

And I hope you do too.

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