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Wednesday, November 02, 2005  

The UmmYeahWells are still not printed. I wanted to give them one last read-over before I committed that many trees to my literary endeavor. Good thing, too, since I found 2 errors. I still don’t have sketches to illustrate every technique, and I’ll probably obsess about it forever because, after all, I am a Virgo and I can imagine perfection and I assume it is our job to at least attempt that goal.

Hmmm. For those of you who sagely pose the questions “What is it with the horoscope crap? How can 1/12 of the world's population all be doing the same thing, feeling the same angst, making the same stupid choices, all on the same day?”

In answer, I give you:

Cropped pants

Honestly, it’s a miracle the magi could even come up with 12 types.

Anyway, I shall make the final tweaks and copy the valuable information, complete with it’s very own Queen Cartoon - the first in a looooooong time - and offer it up to my victims fellow KRRetreaters on Saturday, with instructions for folding them into interesting origami shapes when said students get home.

I am still pondering a mental inventory of my Stash from Heck-that’s-nothing (having seen photos of S’s stash I can not make any deeper claim of Stash-edness). I’m in search of a New Beginnings Project - something I knit for myself. (That’s most of my knitting, actually) Something I begin at the KRRetreat. Something I ... gulp ... have to report back on at next year’s retreat. I can just see myself, standing with a-Nother 16” size 7 circular, forever imprisoned in 6 inches of sleeve, gripping wrinkled pages covered with math equations, crossed out and re-scribbled half a dozen times, because I won’t knit patterns someone else designed, even if I will buy them. What the hey. You can always use another 16” size 7 circular needle, right? And if you start with sleeves you get a gauge swatch and a hopeful garment piece at the same time. That is, if fiber has hopes - which I am sure it must.

I have 3 drawers of color coordinated yarn, bought over many years, because I tend to buy colors I know I can wear, in little odd balls and skeins, on sale, from baskets that contain only one or two of each. The stifled artist in me knows that a Real Knitter could combine those odds and ends into a stunning garment worthy of a New York boutique. The secret Virgo egotist constantly whispers “You could do that.” The ditherer in me has yet to put pencil to paper, but she pulls the drawers out frequently and sighs at what might be. I wonder. Is this the time to plunge ahead? To use up a drawer full of pretty odd lots that coordinate well enough and would be so cool looking if I would just make that artistic leap?

I am sooooo tempted.

I wonder. hmmmm. I just wonder.

Or I could dig out any of those “Enough for a sweater” boxes of yarn and cast on a second Flidas - which I know can be knit in about a month of steady work. I really ought to replace her, though, none of those boxes of yarn are the right thing, exactly. I could alter the design a little, with a more feminine stitch, less woodsy than the hollow oak cable .... oh ... yes... a lace panel instead of a cable. Wouldn’t that be pretty? Hmmmm.

I really must go dig those boxes out of storage and take a hard look at them.

Or I could always knit myself a pair of socks. I have some Lorna’s Laces that would be pretty and fun to wear. And fast. And brainless. And completable. Besides, I just ruined a pair of hand knit socks by wearing them inside my 25 year old rubber duckboots. I had no idea the insole had gotten so rough. Sheesh. The sock can be mended but yuck. Who wants to mend?

Okay Okay - I have talked myself into spending this early morning digging out the Whole sWHEATer Boxes of Fiber (doesn’t that sound healthy?) and making a Decision.

I’ll close with a comment about my readership. I have code in this blog and can see how many folk visit (thank you very much for joining me so often) There is someone from New Kent County who visits almost every day. How I would like to know who you are. My parents once owned property around a little manmade lake, intending to build their dream home out there. I was about 9 or 10 at the time. I remember pouring over New House magazines with mama and we found one that Had A Tree Growing Inside It!!!! with a skylight and washed pebble floor so that you could water your houseplants - oh law, it was such a dream idea for this little woodsy romantic. In the end, they bought a house in the city - Daddy’s dream house, that suddenly went on the market at a loss because the new owner bought it and then got transferred out of town. That was a nice house too, though it had no trees growing inside. But it was walking distance from both the public library and the 5 and 10 store - where they sold penny candy - and where you could take your doll shopping and try on dresses before you bought!

But somehow, New Kent Co. always feels like one of “my” places. So, Mr/Ms New Kent reader - I wonder who you are. Hello and glad to see you.

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