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Your PreciousAngelBabyDarlingOnlySon very much deserves a handknit sweater by his MAma... for his birthday. He'll be 30 in March, and that's a landmark, and one that deserves a sweater made with nothing but love. Plus, it's four months away....

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Saturday, November 19, 2005  

Sometimes, when you do what you are supposed to do, you are rewarded with instant, shocking, confirming revelations that leave you amazed, delighted and .... gleefully smug. That happened to me last night when I squeezed the warm water out of the NBP lace edge swatch and slowly opened it up upon a thick pad of terry cloth toweling.


I know that fiber blooms after being wet blocked, but I have never seen it do so with such instantaneous finality. That swatch opened up like a flower in a timed release film. And it got big, too. Big, loose, lacy, wide enough to make a beautiful hem, open enough to show off every bit of pattern, fluttery enough to make the most romantic breast heave a sigh of pure bliss. I’m still a little light headed about it all, as the possible exact steps to be taken next dance about in my brain.

I know I shall definitely use 4 pattern repeats across front and back - 8 in total. But do I leave them open like tabard hems? If so, do I add little seed stitch edges? How many extra stitches do I add, then? 4 on each side? Or should I leave off the extra knit stitch and knit it all in the round? Thoughts. Ideas. Decisions. I believe I shall let them all hum around inside the brain while I consider a new fiber arrow which has pierced my consciousness - tempting me to violate, once again, my Knit For Others At Christmas Rule. (Don’t)

Word has come to me from a most reliable source, that a certain LD reeeeeeeealy wants a sweater knit by his mother.


I am no fool. I am no masochist. I really do know better. Alas, my ego is stroked. I have always planned to make him a sweater. There could be 4 weeks to knit between the time any order could conceivably arrive and Christmas Day dawns. I haven’t a clue what I might knit and know only that he prefers pullovers. I don’t care for bulky yarn. I am at a good stopping point with the NBP. Then, again, I haven’t a lot of spare cash lying around. But I also hadn’t any idea what sort of gift to give him. Guys are always so durn hard to buy for! Unless you get lucky, the only things you can think of giving them cost $10,000. They seldom seem to appreciate those little gifts that mean so much to one’s women friends. It’s as if they are programmed to always believe that there really is a Santa Claus and he really does intend to bring them the Giant Lego Set Battery Operated Stereo Enhanced Amphibious Jeep With Pop-Up Camper they saw in the Cabella catalog, complete with Craftsman Tool Set add-on. That, or else a boat.

In years past I could just buy my guys lots of high fat, high calorie food and put it in a box. For LD I can still get away with that, though Mr. Heart Attack will not be led astray by Mrs. Heart Attack. Besides, I have a good idea for Mr. HA and besides, I also have another good idea for him.

But I am wandering, now. The issue is ... for my very own PreciousAngelBabyDarlingOnlySon ...??? Who wants a sweater knit for him by his MAma? Oooooo. That is such a lure, such an opportunity for hubris to display itself - and lay its victim low. Such a temptation.

Shall I be strong? Shall I be brave and wise? Or shall I succumb and turn the pre-Christmas season into a frantic madness of fevered knitting?

Well. There is a weekend ahead in which to think, to ponder, to ... to decide. We shall just have to wait and see. As for a picture of the blossoming lace - That is such a wonder, I may succumb to further temptation and drive to town today, to use the scanner at the library to post one. If not - if I can stand strong, against the winds of amazement and pride - I promise a picture on Monday.

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