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Now don't you go getting all cocky and think with all this time before Christmas you might just see if you can eek out a sweater for LD...


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Saturday, November 26, 2005  

Our C is singing our post-holiday song. Nothing like the aftertaste of whipped cream to put us in a sober, and perhaps depressed, mood while standing in front of a dressing room mirror. Of course, I haven’t a fancy schmancy laywer party to go to and I did my Body, Thy Name Is Fat thing last weekend when I shifted all the winter clothes around. I’ve had pleanty of turkey this weekend, and a good bit of pie filling, but I’ve added the extra miles to my daily walk. My teeth are gritted and I’ve dug in my nails. So far the scales are steady at ... 13 lbs too heavy - where they’ve been for a year. 13 lbs means one dress size away from my favorite, and cutest clothes.

Fortunately, there’s nothing left in the kitchen of an excessive nature (Why do you think I have big crowds for dinner on T day? No leftovers - or at least, very few.) My mantra is "Thanksgiving is a one day feast and it’s 364 days away."

I never did make it up into the atic to look at Christmas stuff. It was too bloomin cold. As in - barely above freezing. Not a day I want to brave the dim caverns of an unheated attic. I will go up on Sunday when it’s supposed to be 60. I also did very little on the Christmas Notebook. But there are now only 2 half-socks to knit before the gift day - which means I can actually knit Other Things between now and 12/25. Sweet, thought, no?

But I hear a Big Darling asking for my company, so there’s no more to be said this morning. Ta.

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